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Hi I'm Jedee

I was born in the Philippines but grew up in California. I'm married and have a son. I love life and my family.

About Me

I am a husband to a great wife. I was luckily enough to find an eternal companion that loves to play video games as much as I do! I am a father of an extremely energetic boy. I love my family more than anything and at the end of the day they are what really matters in my life. I work as a Financial Analyst for IBM. Supporting their expenses in IBM.COM for North America. In my free time I love to play Playstation, Wii, with my wife or watch some of our favorite TV shows. I am also getting into hunting and hope to start this Fall.

Why I am a Mormon

I was actually born into this church. My parent converted 1 year before I was born. They were converted in the Philippines. Growing up and being part of this church was the only life I knew. But as I grew older, around 18-19 years old, I came to a point in my life where I had to find out for myself if this was God's church, if there was one true church, was this it. I grew up in the Church and knew it was a good/great church, but I had to question everything to know for myself, if it was all true. I started by read the Book of Mormon, more intently with a true desire to know if it's true, unlike just reading it at Sunday school. I figured we are the only church that has this book, and if the Book of Mormon is true, then the Prophet Joepsh Smith had to have been a true prophet of God, which means he did restore this church and did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. In that meeting, God Himself told Joesph Smith that none of the other churches were His true church in completeness was not found on the Earth. He asked Joesph Smith to restore the true church with the priesthood like it was during the time when Jesus Christ Himself set up His church during His time. As I read the Book of Mormon, I felt a feeling so strong that compelled me to keep reading. I have never read a book that I couldn't put down at the end of the night. I remember feeling peace, happiness and this warm feeling inside me, telling me this is a good book and will bring me closer to God. I knew that was the Holy Ghost telling me this is true. I prayed to know if it was, knowing that God would want me to know the truth. With a deep desire I prayed, and He reveiled the truth to me. In fact, because of the Book of Mormon I grew to knew my Savior Jesus Christ and wanted to serve and live a life like He led. The Book of Mormon led me to Christ and his church. I remember this being a turning point in my life. If fact, my life and all the blessings I have received till now have been because of this affirmation of the truth. I am a better father because of the church, a better husband, and a better friend. I am not perfect, but I as I continue to follow the teachings of this church, Christ's true church, and try to do my best, I feeling the constant companion of the Holy Ghost helping me live a better happier life, and preparing me to come back home to my loving Heavenly Father.

How I live my faith

One way I live my faith is by going to church everyone Sunday. We have 3 separate meetings. The 1st hour is where we take the Sacrament and promise to live our lives according to the teachings of Christ. Then we have Sunday school where we learn more about the holy scriptures, using the Bible, old and new testiment, the Book of Mormon and other scriptures given to us by modern day prophets. I then go to Priesthood which is a class that helps us men learn to become better fathers, husbands, neighbors. There we also learn how to use the holy Priesthood that has been entrusted to us by God to help do His work on this Earth. I have a "calling" or a responsibility in the church to help every week with the donations we give as members of the church. We follow a principle found in the Old Testiment known as Tithing, which we give 10% of our earnings to the Lord, to build up His Kingdom and in doing so we are greatly blessed. These sacred funds are used to build temples, new church buildings, and provide help to those in need. We all have callings or responsibilities in this church and do this service without payment, but give freely of our time. Doing so gives me great satisfaction knowing I am serving the Lord and His church. I also home teach or visit members of our church. I and a companion go and visit other families and see if they need any assistance in any part of their life and try to help in any way I can. We also share spiritual messages that help uplift us all.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

The Mormon missionaries will teach you anything you want to know of this church, Christ's church. They are very friendly and knowledgable. It's their full-time job to learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teach it to others. They are not paid to do this, they volunteer and give up 1 1/2 -2 years of their lives to serve others. They can teach you about Our Father in Heaven and how we can return to live with Him and be happy for eternity. They can teach you about His Son Jesus Christ, how he died for all of us, and we can repent of our sins and be able to live in His Kingdom after this life. They can teach you about the Book of Mormon and about living modern day prophets! Imagine being able to talk to Moses or Abraham, well we have these prophets alive today, just like them who help lead us back to our Father in Heaven. The missionaries can teach you about how we can live as families for eternity. How we can be sealed in holy temples with your whole family be happy forever. They can teach you how the Priesthood was restored and with that priesthood you can be baptized with the right authority and really be cleansed of your sins and join the Lord's church. They can teach you our purpose of coming to this life, why we are here. Where we came from before this life and where we can go in the life to come. Show more Show less