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Hi I'm Christie

I love to learn and create. I write essays. I reinvent myself often. I make a mean flan de huevos. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

We were all baptized as a family when the mission was barely opened in the Philippines. It was part of the Southern Far East Mission then. I was all of 9 years old. My missionaries often showed me pictures of the temple and told me that one day I would be married there. I never doubted even when years later, there was still no temple in Manila and very few young men to date. Naturally, I would find someone who was also raised in Manila...except he was raised in Manilla, in the Utah Valley area. Coincidence? I think it was a divine gift. I was the first Filipino national to serve in Europe, in the Spain Barcelona mission and the first one to enter the MTC. Later, we taught many Filipinos living in Barcelona. I am a mother of four children and grandmother to almost three. I teach early morning seminary and I love to study. I speak three languages. I was a national science scholar whilst studying in my homeland. I have been an American for nearly 30 years. I love technology and I do a lot of multimedia projects for my husband's law firm as well as for seminary. I played guitar for a BYU performing group and have traveled to many countries as part of a USO tour. I love music and have written several arrangements of hymns and Primary songs. I served as choir director for many years starting when I was 14 years old. I have been writing essays since I learned to read and before I even knew what an essay was. I keep several blogs. The church is my life. And though I have accomplished many things, being a mother tops it all. We take every advantage to meet together as a family and talk about life and our latest adventures...including our adventures in scripture study complete with insights, answers to questions and discoveries. My children give me much joy. My husband is also my best friend and he is what makes me whole.

Why I am a Mormon

What if Joseph Smith really did have a vision? What if the Book of Mormon can testify that the church that Jesus organized while he was on earth has been restored in its fulness? Wouldn't you want to make sure you don't miss out on these truths? These are the things that I know. And these are the reasons why I am a Mormon. Most of all, I believe in Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice. He wants you and me to return to him. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church that can show you how to come to Christ in terms that make sense in your mind. And it can also show you how in your heart in the most inexplicable, joyful way. It is the light in the darkness. It is the most precious of all jewels hiding in plain sight. Most of my friends can see how much joy I have in my life. And then as my life unfolds, most of my friends can also see how the church has helped shape the lives of my children--the way they make their decisions, the way they seem so pure, the way they seem at peace amidst all the stimulation and noise of the world. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the source of all this peace and joy. I am Mormon because I want to follow Christ. I am Mormon because I want to comprehend what He did for me. I am Mormon because I want to be like Him. And the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly where one can find the most immense peace and inexplicable joy!

How I live my faith

The restored church of Jesus Christ gives my life meaning. Because I have an understanding of Christ’s atonement and what He desires for me, I try to live my life so that everyday, I can be a better version of myself. This is possible only because of the gift of repentance and his tender mercies. Because we also believe that families are forever, my priorities are clear and irrevocable. My family always comes first. My children have a sense of security because I have learned that the relationship between husband and wife is sacred. It is a commitment that one must make every single day. I know that I cannot control other people’s behaviour. That is what Satan wants to do and if we endeavor to achieve that, we simply do not follow the Saviour’s example. However, I know I can control MY behaviour. In doing so, in time, others can be influenced and sometimes even changed. It is an amazing miracle when we apply that principle in our lives. It requires a lot of faith because sometimes the results seem slow. But I can assure everyone that the results are also sure. My faith also gives me a clearer perspective of life’s adversities and challenges. I know that life comes already packaged with these challenges. These are necessary for our refinement and the acquiring of wisdom. Without adversity, one cannot feel joy. They come hand in hand. And so many times it is this knowledge that keeps me going despite the gnawing darkness of adversity and hardship. It is a trial of faith to keep on going because I know that God has descended below all things and knows my every pain and sorrow. It is that faith that sustains me. I live my faith also through service in the church. Every morning, I wake up at 4:00am to get ready to teach an early morning class called “seminary”. From Monday to Friday, some students from our high school attend my class to learn about the scriptures. I am a very happy volunteer and enjoy my association with the youth. Once a month, I also teach women a Sunday lesson that helps us all become better women not just in our families but also in our communities. I’ve also been choir director for our church and enjoyed that immensely. Because of my love for music, I have written some musical arrangements that have been used in meetings. Because I am tech savvy, I use my knowledge to create various multimedia projects to help in my classes and also to write my personal history. Service in my church has given me much joy.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

The answer to this question is yes and no. A mission is not just a limited time when you become a 'full-time missionary' and proselyte for 24 or 18 months. Our church is a missionary-oriented church and we are enjoined to be missionaries for the rest of our lives. This can be accomplished by the way we live our lives. We endeavor to live our lives in such a way that we can testify of the fruits of being part of Christ's restored church on earth. We are missionaries everyday when we testify of Christ in every opportunity that presents itself---in the way we live our lives. Young Mormon men of 19-25 years of age have often prepared themselves to serve full-time missions since they were young and therefore have desires to serve. Many others feel that desire when the right time comes and thus prepare themselves to serve. For many, their missionary zeal does not end when their full-time service comes to a close. Some young women from the age of 21 can also feel this same desire and if so, often do serve full-time missions as well. Full-time missionary service is not a requirement but a privilege. Show more Show less