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Hi I'm Jennifer

I live in Ohio, and my parent's joined the church when I was a baby.

About Me

I am a former military brat, and was one of 7 children. I always knew that I wanted a big family, and so when we couldn't have any more babies, we started taking in children who were being abused or neglected to foster them. We have 9 children now, through birth and adoption, and consider all of them ours forever. I am married to the best guy ever, and am grateful for his kindness. He sets a very Christlike example for me and my children to follow. I am a licensed Airframe and Powerplant technician, and own my own Professional Photography Company, Photojennic, specializing in Wedding Photography. I love to coach soccer, basketball, and swim team, because helping kids learn how to do their best and have fun and encourage others to do so too is my favorite past time. I am an avid reader, and love to sing. no I am not good at it, I just love to do it. lol I sew, crochet, knit, and cook. I am terribly at cross stitch, because I always lose my place, and am a lousy housekeeper. Fortunately, my darling husband loves to do dishes and vacuum, so our house stays relatively neat and respectable between my organizing and his straightening. My favorite activities are swimming, soccer, walking at parks, taking pictures, singing, laughing, canoeing, and spending time with family and good friends.

Why I am a Mormon

I was blessed by parents who allowed me to visit any church that I wished while I was young. I loved seeing the beauty of the different buildings, and enjoyed learning about the differences of religion, and am truly grateful that my parent's knew that people won't settle for less than everything they can possibly get. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints didn't leave any gaps. I could see pieces of it in every church I attended, but never the whole puzzle anywhere else. Where did I come from? Who am I? Where am I going? Does God love me even though I have made horrible mistakes? Who is God? Who is Jesus? Are they the same person? So many of us want to know!!! I certainly wanted to know, not wonder about these things the rest of my life. I love that there are two testaments that Jesus really is the Christ: The Bible and The Book of Mormon. I love that we still have living prophets on the earth. It is a marvelous thing to know that God is still mindful of his children here on earth. No one wants to go through life believing they are forsaken. I love knowing that Jesus Christ still intercedes for us with the father, during every prayer that we pray. When I am discouraged, or feeling unworthy, I know my prayers will be answered through the atonement. I am so grateful for the continuing learning that I get through weekly attendance at church and church meetings, and through daily scripture study and prayer. Why am I a "Mormon"? Because I know the scriptures are true, and if they are true, then this is the Lord's church, and his kingdom, and I want to be a part of that kingdom forever.

How I live my faith

I love that the church doesn't ask for volunteers, or have a paid ministry. We are "called" to positions of service in the church. Currently I am called to teach the Sunbeams. That sounds funny, but what it means is I teach the children who are 3 years old, turning 4 their Sunday School lessons. I love the joy that this calling brings to my life. Yes, there are times where I roll my eyes heavenward and wonder if anything I am doing is doing any good, but there are other moments, when a child looks at me and explains that they truly understand what forgiveness means, or when they share a scripture story with me that I didn't learn that young, and I am filled with an overwhelming gratitude for the goodness of the gospel and that children are still being taught what really matters! So many people have no hope for our society, but wherever the gospel is being taught, there is hope.

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

The fact that it is true and that the Holy Spirit bears witness of all truth is the real reason, but the truth has to be heard or read before the spirit can bear witness, so I guess it is also due to the fact that people who have the fullness of the gospel love to share it with everyone they meet. They share it by their smiles, their testimonies of how important families are to them, by their integrity, full time missions, and sharing the additional testament of Jesus Christ, namely The Book of Mormon. Show more Show less

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

Every child in America has been taught that Mormon's believe in having a bunch of wives. Of course, the fact that that was a practice over a hundred years ago is never taught, and so that is all people remember, but I assure you that Mormon's believe a lot of the things you have probably been taught all your life and as you learn what "we" believe, you will probably find out that it is what you believe as well! Mormon's believe in God, and Jesus Christ as the Savior. We believe in baptism by immersion. We believe in praying, reading scriptures, prophets: in olden times as well as now. We believe in repentance. We believe in strong marriages, and loving families. We believe in being honest in our dealings with our fellow men, and in doing good to all men. We believe in helping people, and in taking care of ourselves and our families. We believe in obeying laws and in taking part in community and government to bring about good in our societies. Mormon's believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less