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Hi I'm Dustin Purnell

I. Love. Life. Love my wife. Love my family. Love my job. Love being bald. And I love being a Mormon!

About Me

Guess what?! I'm gonna be a DADDY! Last year I married the girl of my dreams in the Cardston Alberta Temple. We expect our little one to arrive in a few months. Janae and Baby are the greatest blessings of my life, and every day is better than the last! While I write this, Janae is sleeping on my shoulder, and I feel like I could explode, I'm so happy to be married to an angel. So that's right now, here's a little about where I come from. To start, you should now I'm spoiled: I have 8 siblings! Five wonderful sisters, three crazy brothers, and the best parents imaginable. I love my family! The brothers Purnell and dad are a professional jump rope team. We coach and perform at schools, half time shows, festivals, and more. It's a blast! Everyone in the family is has many hobbies and we all love serving in the Church. Together we enjoy sports, camping, music and great books. I'm currently finishing my degree in English literature through Brigham Young University, and soon I plan to start a Masters in Counselling Psychology. I have the best job in the world! Besides jump rope, I am a mentor in a program helping people with disabilities become more independent. In other words, every day I get to take a bundle of guys out in to public to teach them how to interact, shop, apply for jobs, exercise, study, and pursue their goals. Every day, I come home to my beautiful wife feeling like I've worked hard to accomplish something worth while. Can't get much better than that!

Why I am a Mormon

My family means everything to me. My wife, Baby, parents and siblings are my greatest joys. It is impossible to think of happiness without them. Life has many uncertainties. Family does not have to be one of them. Our Heavenly Father has provided ways for us to find some real Absolutes. Family can be one of those absolutes, and I know my marriage and my family will never end, if I will be true to God. The human race can wield some authority. Laws help maintain justice and protection. Science allows us some mastery of architecture, exploration and medicine. Yet by ourselves we will never have authority over death. Jesus the Christ, God's Almighty Son, does. He has conquered death and His power lasts beyond the grave. When that power seals any of our actions on earth, it makes it possible for those actions to have value into eternity. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that authority to "seal on earth and in heaven," as the Savior described it in Matthew 16:19, has been restored. When a marriage is performed in a temple of God using that authority, it is not "until death do you part" but "for time and all eternity." Nothing in the world could ever bring me the peace of mind that comes from confidence in God's concern for my family. Of all the wonderful things in my life because of the Church of Jesus Christ, nothing is so important as this: my family will be together forever. My beautiful, beloved, precious wife and I will be husband and wife, parents to our children, children to our parents, for infinite time and eternity.

How I live my faith

The Gospel of Jesus Christ saturates my life. I'm no angel—though I did marry one—but every day the way I live is affected by what Prophets, Apostles, Scriptures and my parents have taught me about our Heavenly Father's plan. Without question, the most important impact this has had on my life has been in my family. For example, Prophets have encouraged all families to set aside Monday evenings as a "Family Home Evening," reserved for time spent with family. As a newly married expecting father, it is crystal clear to me that FHE has strengthened my marriage and is helping me and my wife to prepare for the Wee Wiggly One to arrive. Besides FHE, we take time to read from the scriptures together every day, to pray together, and to work and play together. Now, life has its challenges for everybody. Trying to follow Christ doesn't erase those problems. What is has done for us is given us faith and perspective while we face those challenges. I can honestly say that every day with my darling has been better than the last. At work, my faith is my foundation. I work with disabled people. Downs Syndrome, global delay disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, Prader Willie's syndrome, autism, and fetal alcohol syndrome are some of the challenges my friends face. One bedrock truth makes all the difference in working with them: these people are children of God. He loves them as much as anyone else, and their quirky, sometimes irksome behaviour does not change that. When I go to work with this in mind, I come home wondering if they learn as much from me as I learn from them. Their innocence and sincerity amaze me every day, and it is true joy to know that our Divine Father has a plan for them and their happiness.