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Hi I'm David

I love the Lord. I am a Husband, Father, a Grandpa, and a Marine. I work in banking with computer systems and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a broken home. My parents divorced when I was 6. We lived in poverty most of my early life. Everyone around me seemed to always be sad or suffering. When I was a young teenager I remember saying to myself that things had to change. And if things were going to change, I had to change. So I worked hard in school to get good grades. I started attending Church. I also worked hard to help support my Mom and two younger sisters. I wanted and needed to be the very best I could be. So I joined the Marine Corps where I server honorably. When my tour ended, I started college and a family. I studied hard in College and became a Computer Programmer Analyst. Today I am a Computer Systems Administrator and Manager for a large bank. Along the way we had times of success and some hard times. We struggled with being laid off from 2 different companies both of which ended up closing their doors and going out of business. There were times I had to work 2 jobs to make ends meet and times where jobs were hard to find. But through hard work and faith in the Lord, we always seemed to find a way to make it. When I met my beautiful bride to be I knew that she was the one I needed in my life. We have been together now for over 30 years. We have 3 biological children, 3 adopted children, and 7 grandchildren. We love them all beyond measure. We also have many others who have come into our lives whom we dearly love. Many of them have chosen to call us their Mom and Dad.

Why I am a Mormon

When I started attending Church as a teenager, I tried several churches to see which one was best. All of them had some good qualities. To me there seemed to always be something missing in each of these Churches I attended. When I asked questions about the Gospel of Christ like "Where do we go after this life?" and "If we are created in the image of God why are the descriptions of him so varied and conflicting?", I was told that these are the mysteries of God and that it was wonderful that they were mysteries. I was also told that I should stop asking these questions. Well I kept searching from Church to Church and had almost given up on finding the best one consigning myself to just going to the closest one. When one day, one of my older sisters contacted me and said that I needed to join this other Church. I asked her what the name was and she told me that it was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). I had seen some information about Mormons in some of the old movies I had watched on TV and wasn't sure I would be interested. But curiosity brought me to the LDS Church. I quickly joined the Church just a little more than two months before I went to Marine Corps boot camp. Over the next little while in the Corps and with the Vietnam War raging, I forgot about my quest for the best Church and for Church in general. Then towards the end of my tour of duty I remembered that I had joined a Church and that I needed to get back to my values. I thought and thought and them remembered that I had joined the "Mormon" Church. So while in MCAS El Toro in southern California I started looking in the phone book under Churches for the "Mormon" Church and couldn't find it anywhere. A kind Base Chaplin introduced me to another member of the LDS Church that he knew. I was assigned a Home Teacher and soon learned that that meant that I was given a friend who helped me on my path back to Christ. I finally had answers to all of my questions. I found the true Church.

How I live my faith

Every day I thank the Lord for all of his tender mercies and for all of the blessings that he has seen fit to give me in this life. I read the Scriptures daily to to gain inspiration and to grow closer to the Lord. I know that all good things come from the Lord and that he gives us blessings so that we can grow closer to him and so that we can help others. I try every day to live my life as he would have me live. I come up short some days and when I do I ask Him for forgiveness and for help to be better. The Lord always hears my prayers and answers them in his own way and in his own time which are both always perfect. His Love is unfailing and never ending. I try to honor Him and show gratitude for His sacrifice, love, and for His bountiful blessings which He is ever ready to give by helping others as often as time or means allow. I have accepted a Church assignment to be a Home Teacher (a friend and helper) to a number of families in our area. I try to show them by word and deed the same love and service that He has extended to me. I find that as I serve my fellow man, I serve God. And He always extends blessings to those who serve Him. I also enjoy the privilege of teaching from time to time in Church to different groups of adults the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his Doctrine. One of the greatest privileges I have is that of serving in the Temple and experiencing the sweet spirit of the House of The Lord. As I Honor and Cherish my Wife, Children, and Grandchildren and love and serve the Lord, He blesses me even more with the peace that passeth understanding (Philippians 4:7).

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

The first step to increasing faith in Jesus Christ is to have a desire to believe in Him. This needs to be more than a passing interest and more than mere curiosity. It begins with a deep burning desire to know Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. After you have this desire you need to act it. You need to study the words, works, and testimonies of Jesus Christ. Feast upon the words of God. Study the Bible and the Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Jesus Christ. Then as you study, ask God the Eternal Father in the name of Jesus Christ to know the truth of what you are reading. Your prayers will be answered. As you receive answers to your prayers you will recognize that these beautiful promptings and confirmations are from God. This will increase your desire to know Him and will increase your faith in Him. He always hears and answers your prayers. Show more Show less