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Hi I'm Steve

the Happy Camper and I grew up in Idaho, then moved to Illinois and became an entreprenuer

About Me

When Enoch was 65 years old, God asked him to do a great work. Enoch complained saying, why me? I'm just a lad!" Well, Enoch and I have something in common, I'm just a lad too. As a self-employed business owner, it has been my good privilege to live and work all over this great country of America. Travel is educational and very exciting to me. Getting to know the rich heritage of this good land has helped me to appreciate more and more how much Father in Heaven loves us as His Children. What a wonderful thing. My wife and I are parents of ten children and 15 grandchildren. My upbringing by faithful, wonderful parents taught of a God who loves me and wants me to return to Him. Participating in the Church gave me great training and wonderful friendships. Scouting was a big part of my life. Later, at 19 I served a mission. Following my mission, I went to college for one big reason. After meeting and courting her we were married and my "official" book-learning ended for a season. Education is very important and I have continued to learn throughout my life. The most important thing I've learned is that Jesus IS the Christ, that through His love, He offered Himself as the Infinite and Eternal Sacrifice, breaking the bands of death and opening the door to Eternal Life. My witness to you and all others is that He lives! He has shown me and everyone else the way to return to live with our Father in Heaven!

Why I am a Mormon

My parents raised me as a member of the Church. Religion was always very important to me. In my youth, I was, like Paul of old, zealous in my service but very Pharisee-like in my actions. After graduating from High School employment was obtained with an airline at a major airport. While there, I was contacted by people selling magazines. A wonderful friendship developed between myself and a couple that were devoted to teaching me of their truths and having me convert to their religion. As a very young man, pride, arrogance and braggadocio were good terms to describe my actions. Humility was a word that was not in my vocabulary. Over a period of several months, during our religious study times, many questions were raised. It always amazed me that no matter what the question, the good man always seemed to have a scripture that he could show me that he felt applied to our discussion. This readiness with answers caused me to start to think and ponder far more deeply. During this time, I felt a strong need to really find out if what I'd been taught and practiced all of my life was true for me. I began a serious study of our sacred scriptures, read much in our church literature but, most importantly, I sincerely prayed to know that what I believed was correct. The kindness of our Father came, as He, through the Holy Ghost, witnessed to me and I came to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, that God and Christ are real, that the scriptures are true. I will be forever grateful to this wonderful couple who were so patient and kind to me. They were seeking my conversion to their church but they were most gracious in helping me grasp the real truth and meaning of what I had been taught from my earliest years!

How I live my faith

Being alive in this day and age is really exciting. There never seems to be a lack of things to do. Through the Church, there are multiple opportunities to serve others. Teaching, visiting in the homes of others, assisting with Missionary work. Serving in one of the Holy Temples several times each month, all are very satisfying. In my profession, trade groups help improve the performance of everyone. It is quite a privilege to speak to some of these groups and provide information, not only about our industry but about what makes me who I am. It is an honor to serve at election times as an election judge at both the Primary and General Elections. Also, to help people in assisted living centers to apply for absentee ballots. This helps me to participate in wonderful civic activities. My wife and I currently serve a group of Young Single Adults in a congregation that only has 18-31 year old people. Wow, what an exciting thing. These young people are really wonderful. We sometimes struggle with what they are talking about but what a privilege to work with them.

What are some things that tell to you there is a God?

Reading is something very enjoyable for me. It is always interesting to see how articles, books, blogs, etc., explain how the earth and the universe came into existence. As I've "matured", it has become more apparent to me that this amazing earth on which we live had to have some sort of order and plan in order for it come into existence. The mere thought and conjecture that something that supposedly started with a "big bang" billions of years ago could "evolve" into what we have today. In the Book of Mormon, Korihor accuses Alma of "deceiving the people" by teaching them of a God. Alma said to Korihor that "all things declare to me there is a God". Those are my feelings also. How is it possible that our earth just happens to be an appropriate distance from the sun, surrounded by an atmosphere that protects us from excessive and harmful radiation, setting up circumstances for life to exist. To insist and teach me this "just happened by itself" seems much more difficult to believe than that a Supreme Creator organized and formed this world. The world is many millions of years old, at least 2,000 million. The earth has gone through many stages of development, all leading to a time when Mankind could inhabit it and grow, learn, develop, procreate and serve one another here. How grateful I am that a kind, loving Heavenly Father loves all His Children enough that he would organize this amazing earth where we can dwell and learn to be more like Him. Show more Show less