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Hi I'm Mikhail Christiansen

I'm a student, husband, son of God, optimist, strong believer in the strength of families, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

“In his pursuit of the dream, he was being constantly subjected to tests of his persistence and courage. So he could not be hasty, nor impatient. If he pushed forward impulsively, he would fail to see the signs and omens left by God along his path." I'm a student working toward an International Studies degree with an emphasis in Political Science and a minor of Chinese and Russian. I served a mission in western Ukraine and while there rediscovered within myself a love for culture and language. I am fluent in two languages, proficient in two more, and currently studying my fifth. Culture and language are tied together in such a beautiful way. There's something special about learning another language, it's like a key to unlocking people's hearts and minds. When you speak their language you begin to think like them and understand them in a way that is not possible if you don't speak the same language. Each language you learn opens up doors to new people you can help. That is part of the reason I love languages. I love to play almost every sport you could think of minus water sports. Some of my fondest memories as a child are of my dad and I throwing a baseball around, building walls of "snow lineman" and jumping over them into the "endzone", and playing one-on-one basketball. I love deep conversations with others about any subject. The kind of thought-provoking conversations that make you search and ponder what you truly believe, not what yo have been told.

Why I am a Mormon

On my mission, I would have people tell me all the time, "You don't understand my situation. My family has been members of the Orthodox church for generations. I can't just change that and join a new church. You don't understand because you have been in your church from childhood and your parents are members. What if they weren't?" I thought a lot about this while I was on my mission and since I have been home. The thing is that being a member of this church isn't about family or previous generations being members. It's because I have a pure knowledge given to me by God that it is His church. The only church on earth that has the fullness of His teachings. In a world with as many religions, and different sects within each religion, as we have now, how can a person know which is true? There are many different ways we can come to this knowledge. I was living in San Diego at the time and my friend invited me to come live with him, his brother, and their cousin's friend in Orem, Utah. I was thrilled at the opportunity to live with my friends so far away from my parents, being of an age where that appears to be "cool". All did not go as planned. My friend towed my car to Utah promising to fix it. Only later did I find out he had no intention to do so. After I chose not to go out partying with them, trying to find girls to bring home and romance, I became an outcast in the group. They never trained me in the job that I had come for and chastised me constantly for everything under the sun. I decided to turn to the Lord. I picked up my Book of Mormon and for the first time read it from cover to cover in a little over two weeks. I also began saying earnest, heartfelt prayers day and night. One night I had a very special experience that helped me know that this was Christ's church He established in His day again on the earth. Many miracles later, I found a way to return home and prepare for my mission having my own God-given knowledge that this was His true church.

How I live my faith

I read the Bible, Book of Mormon, and/or other scripture with my wife every day. We try to find something every day to help us better understand and appreciate our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for His wonderful example that He put forth so that I would know what to do during my time here on earth. In the Gospel of John, Christ states 8 times in chapters 14 and 15 that the way we show our love for Him is by keeping His commandments. I will include just a couple of these verses: "He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me..." and "Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you." I try to follow His example and keep all the commandments which He has given me. Of course, I am not perfect and fall short constantly. However, that is why He gave us the wonderful gift of Repentance. Through His Atonement, we may stand up, brush ourselves off, and try again as often as we fall. That is the glory of His great love for us. I try to do those things that He would do if He were here: "Help bear the burdens of others, that they may be light, mourn with those that mourn, comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and to stand as a witness of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that I may be in, even until death."