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Hi I'm Lindz

I'm a red head, a computer geek, a college student, and a singer. And yes, you guessed it, I'm a Mormon. It's awesome.

About Me

First thing you need to know, I think I'm pretty great - but not in an arrogant self-obsessed kind of way, just a 'lets be honest here' kind of way. I'm a 22 year old red-headed college student, obsessed with my music, my computer, and creating with my hands. You can find me singing almost all the time - public or private. Some people might find that annoying, but those people are probably lame. I am recently married, and usually pretty dang happy. I'm sort of unique... you don't see a lot of girls like me in my major. I'm currently one of the best in my class in the field of web design, with a particular fondness of graphic design arts and photo editing. I couple this with a rich life including institute courses, random excursions and activities with friends, and sleeping - a lot. In my free time I take as many pictures as possible and do a large amount of free writing. I like to do everything in my power fully appreciate the cinematic value of life. I've overcome a lot in my time here. From little things like high school insecurities and stressful college courses, to big things like life threatening injuries, the loss of dear friends, and intense financial complications, my faith has been the thing that has kept me going. I've come to learn in this life that I'm a lot stronger than I think I am, and with my Savior beside me I'm not afraid to handle whatever life throws at me. There can be no doubt - I am so much better for it.

Why I am a Mormon

When you have grown up in Mormonville USA, often people are LDS because that is the norm. I was born to an LDS family and grew up in youth groups and seminary classes, as did most of my friends. It's a standard tale in Utah. However, I have found that everyone born into the faith still faces a point where they have to convert. Everyone has to look at the world for what it is and discover what this gospel truly means to them. In this moment you finally understand who you are, and what you want out of life. To list off the times I have had a personal witness of this gospel would take hours to write, and it beyond my comprehension. But, in simplicity, this is what I know: I have read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover, and I know that it is a historical legacy. It is a true standard of valiant people, and another testament of my Savior. With this being true, it is impossible to deny that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He brought forth a record that is priceless to mankind and full of a light no human being could manufacture. We do not worship him, but we respect him and hail him as an example to all men - just as we would Abraham Lincoln, and other historical heroes. With my knowledge of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith's teachings, I believe also in his successors. I know that the prophets of this church are on the Lord's errand, and I know that their instruction comes through Him to help us in our day. I have studied their words, I have applied them to my life, and I have grown more than I can say. I am amazed at the knowledge to be found. I do not know this because anyone told me; because I have been taught it since I was a child. I have seen it for myself, and my life is defined by it. I promise the same will be given to all those who seek to know the truth. I promise, if you open your eyes and your heart, and seek to know for yourself - you too will see the truth, and you will not be able to contain the joy to be found.

How I live my faith

There are standard answers to this - things such as praying daily, studying the scriptures, living by the commandments. I'm not perfect in these things, but I try, and life is better when I make it a priority. But beyond that, I have had many opportunities to serve and grow with others of my faith. I very recently moved from the singles-ward atmosphere (focused towards young unmarried adults), and joined a family ward. This is a huge change for me, as I have been thrown into a calling working with primary kids. My experience with kids is very limited - but I can already say, in my one month with them, that my 4 year olds have made a wonderful impact on me. I also had the opportunity a while back to work with youth, ages 15 - 18, at an LDS summer camp called EFY. This was an opportunity that I will not soon forget. There were many experiences I had working with those kids, some of which have lived really rough lives, that have changed how I look at people. Lastly, in this area there are a lot of chances to learn in LDS classrooms about various gospel principles through the church's Institute programs. You can find institute buildings mostly around college campuses with a heavy LDS population (locations can be found online!). You don't have to be a member to attend these, nor does it cost anything. The experiences and people there are absolutely wonderful, not to mention the free food and activities.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Well... by definition, a cult is a group of those who worship together. They have different rites and ceremonies, bound together by devotion to an ideal or a person or a thing. Under that definition, a lot of things could be considered cults. Most every single religion in the world, actually. We all worship in our own sects. We have a prophet, and other people have a pope, or the teachings of Buddha or Muhammad, etc. Most people in the world believe in some form of God, and that is a person/ideal that people are devoted to. We all have ceremonies; sacrament, or marriages, or christenings, or circumcision. Technically... all forms of religion could be called a cult. So, yes. We are a large group of people who worship, and our worship includes certain rites that come over time, and ceremonies that we consider sacred. We are all united under our Savior, and follow the words of our prophet. A lot of people don't understand us completely, and people are always paranoid of what they don't understand. The term cult is a broad term that covers many things, but it has a connotation that instantly makes people think of brain washing and mass suicide. If you are curious, no, we are not brain washed, and there is no mass suicide planned... Show more Show less