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Hi I'm C.J.

I am a Pharmacist and live in Washington State. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love life! I am married to my sweetheart whom I met in College, and together we have 6 children, ages 2 to 13 years. I am a pharmacist by profession and practice in a medical office. I personally love to be out-of-doors: camping, riding motorcycles, hiking, seeing new sites, visiting the ocean and spending time with my family are the highlights of my life. By mere numbers our family can be very busy, getting one or two in sports, piano lessons, school activities and pretty soon our calendar is full. Finding a balance in life is often the trademark of my role as a father. Admittedly my wife does the majority of keeping our family on task, and gratefully she keeps her wits about her as she does so. I am fascinated with space exploration and can sit for hours looking at the starry night. Growing up in Montana with parents who loved being outside created this zest early in my life to by out in God's country. I am grateful that my wife and children also enjoy the adventures created in nature and have found lots of fun, family memories spending time together out in nature's home. A large part of my life that has brought immeasurable sense of satisfaction is serving my nation and community. I enjoyed my time serving in the Army National Guard. I also served my two-year mission here in Washington state, so it is enjoyable to come back and live in the environment among the people I got to know as a missionary. I have frequently stayed involved in scouting and currently serve in the church as what is called the Young Men's President working with youth ages 12-18 years. Being raised LDS my parents and my sister taught me well and showed an excellent example of applying the gospel of Jesus Christ in every day life.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe God, our Heavenly Father, wants all of us as His children to know Him, know His will, and return to His presence as a family ultimately to be like Him. I believe God is able to make His will known and help each of His children come back home as a family. Because of His omnipotent love and kindness He has prepared a Way, as the Savior said while He was on the earth, to return to Him. All of us can come to know what that Way is and learn for ourselves where we stand with God and where we need to go to be like Him. Christ is the Way, and He has restored to earth His Truth and Life. It is by that belief, and through constant and sincere prayer, scripture study, and fasting that God has bore witness to me that He has restored His church to the earth, the way is once again made known, and that way is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aka "the Mormons". Truth is Eternal and can stand on its own, we only have to test it, test its fruit to see what results come into our lives. This church, the gospel of Jesus Christ, brings to me a full sense of Joy and happiness, and calms my soul and sooths my mind as I come to know who I am as a child of God and how it is I can return to live with Him, eternally with my family. To have clearly the answers to the deepest desires of my soul, answering the questions of life's purpose and with such assurance as to leave no question or hesitation, and that in congruence to my innermost heart, is truly a pearl of great price worth all that I have to possess. I thank heaven for the restoration of The gospel of Jesus Christ, it is true, I know it and I choose to live by what I have come to know as God's will for me, for my family and for all His family on the earth. It is the way back home!

How I live my faith

Simply trying to follow Jesus, in word, in conversation, in deed. We, as a family, strive to follow God's prophet, practice as a family to live the Gospel and then share it with our friends and neighbors. As a father, as a husband, as a son I hope to follow the tenants of Christ's teachings and strive to always live with attention to the life and ministry of Christ as a role model for me.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Not by a long shot, and no more than non-mormons have helped me. I am amazed at the goodness of my neighbors, how often they come to my rescue, whether because I am the new guy on the block and didn't know not to drive my pickup full of dirt into my field to find it only gets stuck in mud knee deep and have neighbors who barely know me come with their tractor, their trucks to help me get unstuck. That same experience of being a good neighbor that my neighbors show to me, I try to show to everyone I meet, mormon or not. For instance on 9/11 we will go and clean our local middle/highschool's grounds to help beautify and restore it to good condition as an act of kindness. Every year we as a group participate in our communities "city cleanup" repairing buildings, planting shrubs, plants, and all and in between. Besides formal things such as this we delight to help and be helped by participating in scouting, sharing food and fun with neighbors not of our faith, and genuinely just being a good citizen. Show more Show less