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Hi I'm Trevor Jenson

I grew up in Eagle, Idaho on a small farm and went to high school in Langley, Virginia and own my own business. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

During my upbringing I lived in Idaho on a small farm and at age 15 moved to Northern Virginia. After high school I attended BYU, then settled with my family in Colorado. I am happily married with a wonderful wife and four children ages 13-21. I own and lead a producer group within Transamerica Financial Advisors with approximately 350 licensed advisor reps. I love to golf, play basketball, travel and read success books as well as spiritual books. My first child will soon return from his church mission in Santiago, Chile and return to play on his university's golf team. I love watching him play and compete in tournaments. My second son is partway through his first year of college and is playing D1 basketball for his university like his older brother. I also like to drive fast cars with lots of horsepower. It's exciting to feel the g forces push you back into your seat as you accelerate. As I age, I realize more and more the importance of my family, our time together and what matters most in this life...family, loving and giving to others, lifting up those around us.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into an LDS family and was taught these principles since birth; however, there comes a time that everyone has to know for themselves if what their parents have taught them is truth or just tradition. When I was 19 years old, I read the Book of Mormon and prayed each night for about two months and asked God to send me confirmation to my heart and soul that the teachings of this church and the doctrines in the Book of Mormon were true. During this time period, I was listening to the apostles of the church speak in General Conference and one of the apostles said that, "any church that doesn't require the sacrifice of all things doesn't have the faith sufficient to be the true church." When he said these words, I felt a powerful, warm feeling from head to toe and the words came to my mind that this is indeed His church and that it was worthy of my sacrificing all things for it and for Him. I've never doubted since and have committed my life, focus, family and purpose to His church, to living its principles and helping others do the same. I don't know where I would be without His church and its teachings in my life, and I wonder where many go for important answers to questions such as: Where do I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? Through modern-day prophets and apostles, revelation and revealed ordinances we can return to live with Him as eternal families and this is my goal with my family, and we strive to live His gospel, follow our leaders and help others do the same.

How I live my faith

I supervise the seminary program in our community which requires that I put on a shirt and tie and be at our church building at 6:10 a.m. each morning to have a prayer with our teachers who then teach a seminary class to 15-25 youth before they go to high school. This is extremely important as the standards in our society continue to weaken, we must continue to raise up quality, righteous, youth with high standards and moral values. This adds to our community and society as these youth will be the future leaders of our country, schools, and churches.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Trevor Jenson
Because of our devotion, dedication and commitment to live the Lord's gospel some might call Mormonism "fanatical" or even a cult. We are a very dedicated people to living Christ's teachings as He taught them, not as man interprets His words. Because of this, some interpret this dedication as having a "cultish" following and attempt to cast this into a poor light. In addition, because those who are not members of our faith are not allowed to enter our temples (only worthy men and women with a recommendation from their stake president and bishop are allowed to enter), then outsiders cast stones at Mormonism calling it a cult and suggest that unusual, secret activities occur within the temple, which simply is not true. Quite the opposite, what is learned inside the temple is at a higher level of understanding not for those that are not prepared to receive this learning. Just like you wouldn't feed your newborn infant a T-bone steak, worthy members of the church are allowed to go into the temple to gain more learning and a higher understanding of God's ways. It's truly a privlege to be able to attend the temple, to gain further knowledge and deeper understanding and spirituality. His church is not a cult nor anything like unto it, rather it is a tight-knit group of individuals and families working toward their salvation together to someday return to live with our Father...our Heavenly Father. We invite you to join us! I think you'll like it!!! Show more Show less

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Trevor Jenson
When the Savior was on the earth he gave his authority to selected individuals to teach and baptize in his name. Only those given the authority are able to baptize in his name...otherwise chaos and disorganization would result, which is not the Lord's way. Show more Show less