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Hi I'm Mandy

I am a wife, mother of five, homeschooler, and nurse.

About Me

I am a wife to a great husband and a mom to five kids. I am in the trenches of saying the same thing several times a day, changing diapers, erasing permanent marker from furniture and woodwork, and attempting to satisfy endlessly inquiring minds... I am a Registered Nurse with experience in Critical Care and in the Emergency Room for several years. Nursing is a passion of mine- I have always been drawn to caring for others. I got my Master's Degree in Nursing Education -finishing while on bedrest with one of my children, then I made the career change to Stay at Home Mom. It was not an easy choice-and thankfully it was a choice for our family. I love to be at the crossroads for my kids, and am so blessed to be. I LOVE the outdoors, camping, canoeing and cross country skiing are some of my favorite activities. I also love to write- I keep a journal, and love to write letters- yep, on paper and send them snail mail. I think that the written word is an art that should be preserved! One of my favorite sayings for my current stage in life is... " Don't worry if your tasks are small and rewards are few, remember the mighty oak was once a nut like you." Author Unknown

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church when I was in college after I noticed a friend of mine had a larger set of scriptures than I did. Her scriptures had what we refer to as the 'standard works"- the Old and New Testament, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price I was going to my church every Sunday, but had always felt like some of my questions weren't answered. I asked my friend why she attended the Mormon church and she shared with me that they believe that there are prophets and apostles on the earth today. I had always wondered why God would be 'silent' in our generation when I felt we needed his guidance the most. When she told me that, it was as if I had known it before. I went to church with her- and initially it felt awkward as it was different than what I had grown up with, but the people were friendly and I felt a peace that I hadn't felt before. I started receiving the lessons from the Missionaries and decided to be baptized. It was an easy decision because I knew it was true- it was hard because my family didn't share the same joy about it as I felt. The Gospel has enriched and blessed my life- in my career and at home. I am so grateful for the Savior and the sacrifice he made for us- and to know that any pain, anguish, frustration we may feel, he has felt- and understands, and always has a hand extended to lift us up. Knowing about the Savior Jesus Christ has helped my compassionate service as a nurse, my patience as a mother and my love as a wife.

How I live my faith

I live my faith every day, it is so much a part of who I am. I try to read scriptures daily, I do pray daily- multiple times- I need all the help I can get! and try to be an example of integrity to my kids. We have one night a week where we have a lesson about the scriptures or other topics as a family, and we attend the temple every month, and attend and partake of the sacrament weekly. I teach the youth and never cease to be amazed at their insights and their desire to follow the Savior.

What is the Law of Chastity?

The Law of Chastity is a sacred and eternal truth. It is this: No sexual relations before marriage and COMPLETE FIDELITY within the bonds of marriage. Fidelity in ordinary language could be defined as loyalty- and I might add, this is not only physical loyalty, but fidelity in your thoughts- thus Complete Fidelity- all you are, thoughts, actions, feelings etc. As one of our Apostles has stated " Sexual intimacy is not only a symbolic union between a man and a woman-the uniting of their very souls- but it is also symbolic of a union between mortals and diety, between otherwise ordinary and fallible humans uniting for a rare and special moment with God himself and all th powers by which he gives life in this wide universe of ours" Elder Jeffrey R. Holland "Of Souls, Symbols and Sacraments" 1988. Our ability to create new life is sacred and a miracle, if you have ever had a child and held that baby moments after it was born, you know what I mean. With these kinds of sacred blessings that are intertwined with sexual intimacy- we also have responsiblities. The Law of Chastity is closely related to modesty and purity in thoughts and actions. When we are modest in our dress, language and behavior, it encourages purity in thought and actions on our behalf, and also helps out others prone to think otherwise. The Law of Chastity is not just a 'you can't do this', with most commandments we have been given- obeying this is a door to more blessings not less. Consider the risks nowdays -believe me I have seen all scenarios in my work as a nurse- of sexual relations before marriage. When we decide to live contrary to what we know is right, our decisions may lead to consequences that might be challenging and fewer choices. Having said all this- know that the Atonement of Christ can help us if we have made poor choices -if we come unto Him and Repent. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Learn all you can from the members and missionaries, read the Book of Mormon, and pray about it-knowing you will receive an answer. Show more Show less