ENA: Mormon.

Hi I'm ENA

About Me

I'm a woman of faith. am a woman full of confidence always standing for truth and righteousness because am also a virtues woman. I like dancing, musicals, reading and listening to others point of views. am a child of record, my parents are a strong members of the Church and I love them so much, because they always give me the best advise. am about entering University also preparing for my Missionary work first before going to University, because, that's always my dream since my childhood.

Why I am a Mormon

I do know that my Heavenly Father has a special plan for me that's why He made my parents to accept the Gospel and become the Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saint. Its always my faith to live the ways of God and do remember Him everyday of my life. Indeed am a child of record and have come to know that this is the only and correct Church upon the surface of the Earth it is my humble testimony that I will always keep my mind pure and clean so to be able to preach and stand firm in what I know is true I know the Gospel is true and the Priesthood is real, above all the Temple of God is here on Earth for us by this I know that God our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ is here with me everyday of my life, Amen. 

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

 The Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ and it bears record of God dealings with His Children and their life. It helps me know my purpose on this Earth and what to do while on Earth. The more I read it and abide by the principles that follows, it draw me more closer to my Heavenly Father.

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

 When I exercise my Talents and gifts 4 everyone to see it prompt them or encourage them to try and know theirs. by this doing they will be bless, cause it has help them exercise and share their talents and gifts.

How I live my faith

Am always proud to tell my pears that am a Mormon and like to introduce them to the Book of Mormon, they always find it interesting and by this doing they become converted and be a member of the Church. Am called as a Liberian in my Ward, I do keep the books in order and sometime teach the primary and Youth, even my Quorum and they all like my teachings. I always like dancing so much together with musicals so by this every activity of the Ward I also train the Youth Step Dance and Primary Miming and am always fill with joy when they do the presentation, it always encouraged me to do more because i know my blessings is waiting for me from My Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ......