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Hi I'm Zander Miner

I'm a jack-of-all-trades. I'm a creator. I live in my own world. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Jack of all trades, master at none, describes me best. I want to do everything, but simply don't have enough time. Old-School gaming, watching Sci-Fi's, and reading good literature are all past times of mine. I love the outdoors though, whether it be running around attempting parkour, running around with paintball guns and foam swords in mock combat with a group of friends, or even just a stroll in the woods. Mountain biking, and free rock climbing are wonderful past times for me, and just gives me sometime to be in the outdoors and put those everyday troubles aside for some hours. I've begun to develop my skills (or there lack of) in Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee. I enjoy just trying to be creative. Writing, drawing, and learning the art of music is all part of my life. There's just something about creating something, which you can sign your name on and say, "I created this." I am going to be attending college with the objective of pursuing the career of a doctor or something in the medical field. I want to help those whom maybe suffering because of disease or other affliction, and believe that this field of knowledge could really help the world. I though, enjoy just simply thinking and love to learn new things. I love knowledge and love finding out random facts about this or that; and honestly, am infamous for retaining useless information. All and all, I think every day is an adventure and you should live it to its best.

Why I am a Mormon

Both of my parents are Mormon, thus I was born into the church, but never really found a foundation in its beliefs. I went through the motions of attending church and youth activities. I never really read through my scriptures or prayed. By my teenage years, my church attendance declined and I really believed that I would just go through life without the church in my life. I met a friend, whom invited me to some of the activities - though I wasn't too particularity interested, I joined her to the activity out of courtesy. Those several hours, rekindled the love that I had never really felt before. I started to return to church and attempted to find the truth through reading the Scriptures, more specifically the Book of Mormon and praying daily. But what really changed my life is when I was hit by a drunk driver. It was the Christmas season, I was driving home from a friend's home - it was late and the roads were slick with ice. The snow was so thick that I couldn't see anything through the windshield of my car. One moment I was driving and the next moment I felt something collide into the back of my car. My car spun out of control, passing through the traffic median and then crashing into a stop against a traffic barrier. Though, shaken, I was uninjured and alive. The only thing hurt was my pride. This was a life-turning event; I know that this could have ended in more of a tragedy. I could have easily been hit by oncoming traffic or flown off the side of the road. I knew that I was alive, purely through God's hand and that it was through grace that I was alive. I returned to church and changed my life. I realize that life is fragile and I owe my entire existence to our God above.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by living each day to its fullest. I try to find the good in life and hold on to it. I never give up, and I endure to the end. I know that everything that we are given, even each trial and challenge, is something given to us, to make us stronger and more experienced. I'm determined to succeed in all things and always try to find productive, proactive, wholesome things to do. I do my best to always be a Christ-like person, meaning, trying to emulate what Christ did whilst on the earth. And though, I may not always succeed, I know I'm at least trying my best. Most of all, I try to be loving of every person I meet and make place where I was, better then what they used to be.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Zander Miner
Members and Missionaries of the church can teach you the teachings of the church and of Christ over and over again, and still you won't know that Mormonism is true. In order to get a belief, you must study, pray, and act upon the things that they tell you. We can use the example of a good chocolate cake. A good chef can tell you how delicious the cake will taste and how it has rich flavor and that you will enjoy every morsel. They can tell you that they have eaten this cake before and that it is the best recipe out there. But until you slice a piece of the cake out and try it you will never know if it tastes good or not. The same is with the teachings of Mormonism. The Members and Missionaries may express how they know that Mormonism will bless you life and that it's true. But in order to know you have to pray, read the Book of Mormon, and attend church - the tasting of the cake. God knows all things and will answer prayers through thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Through those things, you can know for yourself whether or not Mormonism is true. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Zander Miner
Many people think that faith, is just believing in something or someone, such as, I believe in Christ - meaning I know that he lived on the earth and that he performed many miracles. But it extends much more than that; faith also includes acting upon that belief. For example, if I believe in Jesus Christ and because I know that he died for my sins, I will do my best not to make those mistakes and correct the ones that I have made. We can use the example of a row boat, labeling one oar belief and the other oar action. If we only believe in Christ but don't act upon his teachings, it is just as if we only are rowing with only one oar, causing us to row in circles. Similarly if we just act, but don't have a belief in Christ, then again we find ourselves in that endless circle. We must believe and act, and then, just like the row boat, we will progress forward in the right direction towards Christ. Show more Show less