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Hi I'm Jennifer Roach

I am a United States Marine Corps wife, a college graduate, a stay at home mom, a survivor of sexual abuse, and I am a Mormon!

About Me

I was sexually abused for the first 12 years of my life. I am who I am in spite of my abuse and because of my relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I have been married for 13 years and I love my husband like crazy! He was brought into my life at the exact moment I needed him most. The first few years of our marriage were very rocky as we worked through all of my childhood deamons. I have been a Mormon my entire life but fell from activity after high school when I had a falling out with my father and got offended by a church leader. After getting pregnant with my first child I came back to church because I knew she had every right to learn about the gospel and choose to follow Christ for herself; it was not something I could do for her. I met my husband when I was 6 months pregnant. Shortly after going back to church I came face to face with my repressed childhood abuse when I found out 2 other family members experienced abuse at the hands of the same person who abused me. I struggled with thoughts of suicide, flashbacks of my abuse and feelings of guilt over what happened to the two younger victims. The teachings of the Mormon Church have helped me to move from a life as a victim to living a life of a survivor. I have developed a deeper understanding of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ which has helped me realize that there is more to life than sadness, darkness and depression.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon for a number of reasons, first and foremost because I have prayed to Heavenly Father and asked to know the truthfulness of the church's teachings. The Holy Spirit has witnessed to me on many occasions of the truthfulness of the teachings of the Mormon Church. I have read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if it is true and have received answers in the affirmative. From these teachings I have come to know who I am; a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me; I am of a divine nature with individual worth in His eyes. He loves me in spite of my weaknesses and shortcomings. I find joy and comfort in the teachings of Jesus Christ and his willingness to take upon Himself "pains and afflictions of every kind" (see Alma 7:11) and suffer and die for my sins. I truly believe that I am doing what God wants me to do by actively participating in this organization. I once had a councelor tell me that in all of the years he had been working with abuse victims he had never seen a person with as much light and life in their eyes as he did in mine. I told him that it is my belief in Jesus Christ that has given me life. I cannot deny what I know to be true, and it is this: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (A.K.A the Mormon Church) contains the complete, true gospel of Christ as found in the Holy Bible and Book of Mormon. This is why I choose to be Mormon.

How I live my faith

I go to church on Sunday and attend other activities throughout the week. I read the scriptures (sometimes) and pray (sometimes). I teach my children what I believe and live according to those beliefs. I enjoy working with the youth and young children of the church. Currently I am a teacher in our congregation's children's Sunday School where I teach the gospel of Christ through music and singing.

Are Mormons Christians?

Jennifer Roach
From many discussions with non-Mormon friends on the topic, I have gathered that most people believe that being a Christian means accepting Jesus Christ as one's personal Savior and accepting the Holy Bible to be the Word of God. I accept Jesus as my personal Savior and do testify that the Holy Bible is the Word of God (as far as it is translated correctly) therefore I am a Christian. Since I am a Mormon and every other Mormon believes as I do then it stands to reason that Mormons are Christians. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Jennifer Roach
Many of my ancestors were Mormon pioneers who crossed the plains after being forced from their homes in Navoo, IL... in the dead of winter. One of my great-gt-gt-gt-gt grandmothers on my mom's side was a geographically single mom at the time, her husband was on a 5 year mission. After selling her property and purchasing and packing supplies for the trek she asked Brigham Young if he would ask some of the men to look after her and her children. His reply was something like, "I was counting on you to make it on your own." She decided to prove him right; she made it to UT 2 weeks after her husband. There are many more stories of strong, independent women throughout the history of the church. Utah was the first state to allow women to vote. Many mormon women have graduated from college and have/have had sucessful careers. We are encouraged to educate ourselves and are not repremanded if we choose to work outside the home. I have a college degree but choose to be a homemaker. As well, I gave up a career as a U.S. Marine to stay at home with my children; I served for 5 years. Our husbands are counceled by our leaders to love us, cherish us, and treat us with gentleness and respect. Some men do "rule" over their families and the wife has no say in what goes on at home or in her life, such as it is in all walks of life; not just the Mormon church. Generally though, Mormon women are determined, passionate, happy, easy going, spiritual, charitable... just like most women are. Show more Show less