Ammon: Mormon.

Hi I'm Ammon

About Me

Hi, I'm Ammon and I was born and raised in Denmark. I moved to the US to study and this is where I meet the woman of my dreams and we are now married. I am studying in college and finishing up a bachelors degree. I plan on getting my doctorate in physical therapy and will probably be moving pretty soon.

Why I am a Mormon

Being happy has always been important to me. My greatest happiness comes from a deep inner peace. I feel this peace because I know that my creator exists and loves me. I have someone I can turn to. I have found so much hope and peace when facing struggles and challenges. I know that no matter what happens in my own life or the lives of people I know and love, that God is mindful of me and my needs. I feel less concern knowing that as I try to be a good person that loves God and my neighbor that I am allowing God to help me become someone so much better. I guess I'm Mormon for a lot of reasons but one of the most important reasons is because I want to be close to God. I want to be near him because he helps me discover and fulfill my potential.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

Understanding how much God loves me happened as I read the Book of Mormon. At first I read the book and thought it was boring because of the older language it used but as I kept reading I started looking past that and started learning about a people who continually made mistakes, who forgot God, who made mistakes but would then try to turn things around and become better. The people I was reading about had a hard time turning back to God but God gave them a lot of chances and a lot of help. I could relate to that people and their struggles to come closer to God. As I read about them I could see in my own life how I often repeated mistakes but how God also reached out to me. IT taught me about God's love and his son Jesus Christ. As I read the Book of Mormon I continue to learn more about how much God loves me. It brings a spirit of peace.

How I live my faith

I live knowing that this life is my chance to really grow and develop. I live my faith when I wake up in the morning and pray to God, my father in heaven. I tell him whats on my mind how I am feeling and how I need His help, I tell him about things that are making me feel discouraged and what I fear. I ask him to help me try to understand his will for me. I express gratitude for Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for me. Every day this is the beginning of how I live my faith. Conversing with my creator starts my day with my mind on my Father who watches over me and my Savior Jesus Christ.