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Hi I'm Shannon

My husband and children are my best friends. I'm adopted AND an adoptive mom. I'm an artist and a photographer. And, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I LOVE LIFE! I love to laugh and daydream. My mind goes at a ridiculous pace all day long...creating, creating, creating. I am completely in love with my husband, Dan. No one makes me laugh harder or is more patient with non-stop dreaming! I was adopted as a baby and while friends and family always expressed curiosity about my family history, I have always been content in my knowledge of who I am..independent of my genetics. After our daughter was born, I became seriously ill..in fact, I very nearly died. The great news?--I'm still here! The other great news?--I lost the ability to bear more children and became an adoptive mom of two fabulous boys. I love sharing genes (wish I could also share jeans!) with my daughter and I love sharing 'missing' genes with my boys. It's a perfect, crazy balance we call 'family'. I am a lover of all things outdoors. Walking in the woods at our home, kayaking, hiking, barbecues, lazy beach days and playing in gardens are all favorite things. But I breathe deepest on the back of my big-moving horse when we fly down wooded trails. That is my soul food--the bridge between daydreams and personal reflection. Every time I step out of the saddle, I know I'm going to be a better wife and mother for the rest of the day. No wonder my family always asks me, 'Do you need to go ride?' :) I am a professional artist and photographer. I am a writer and a rider. I am a wife and a mother. I am an adoption champion. And I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

Though I was placed for adoption in my home specifically because my birth mother wanted me to be raised as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, my (adoptive) parents stopped attending church when I was about five years old. As young as I was, however, I had felt something in those first few years. I had felt a peace and a warmth every time I entered a church building that I hadn't felt any other place. It was tangible to me. I experienced a similar feeling only when members of the Church came into our home to visit or share a message with my family. I was always eager for those visits and hungered to have that feeling stay with me, so I began asking for rides to church meetings. For most of my youth, I attended church alone. I always felt such a perfect, powerful love from and for Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father. I didn't understand much of the doctrine, but I felt the love. I knew my Heavenly Father knew who I was. I knew He loved me because He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to redeem me. I knew I could pray to Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, and He would hear my prayers, answer me and guide me through difficult days. Having a personal relationship like this with God was amazing! I visited other churches with my friends of other faiths quite frequently. But nothing ever compared to the feelings that came when I entered a building of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Nor did anything ever compare to being in the homes of church members. I always felt 'home' when I was with Mormons. The words of the Savior, "Come, follow Me", beckoned me to continue on the path that would allow me to keep feeling that sweet, peaceful love. As I matured, my understanding of the doctrine grew and with it, my confidence that this was the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I try to maintain a close, personal relationship with my Heavenly Father. I say, "I try", because it is MY responsibility to stay close to Him...He is always there for me, but it's me that has the tendency to wander. I love reading His words through the scriptures. I often look for direct meanings through the versus that connect with situations or difficulties in my life. I spend time in the scriptures every day--personally and with my family. Personal and family prayers are also paramount in my life. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who provided a way for me to seek His will and direction in my life and choices. I have had great opportunities to share my faith, my testimony and my talents with others. I have worked for many years with the youth of our church, especially the young women aged 12-18. Through lessons, weekly activities, Sunday meetings and monthly devotionals, we teach of Jesus Christ and His love for each of them. On camping and river trips, hikes and other outdoor adventures, we get to explore the wonderful creations provided for our benefit and discuss the love of Heavenly Father who provided us with such a beautiful world. Through all these experiences, we teach and learn of faith, our divine natures, our individual worth, how to make wise choices and accept accountability for our choices, share in good works and service and stand strong with integrity and virtue. I am seriously addicted to researching my family history now and love uncovering pieces of my family tree, both through adoption and through birth. (It just means I have a bigger tree!). I enjoy sharing my musical and artistic talents in ways that allow me to express my faith through various mediums. I keep my heart held tightly around my husband and my children, but my arms held loosely so that they are free to have their own relationship with their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. A balancing act of guidance, example and agency!