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Hi I'm Josh

I love being a dad and living my religion because I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 33 years old, happily married for 10 years and have 5 wonderful kids. I live in the Sacramento area and work as a product design engineer.

Why I am a Mormon

At a young age I became curious as to whether or not my religion was something worth aligning my life toward. Despite the wonderful benefit of being raised in a strong Mormon family God blessed me with a desire to know for myself and parents who always allowed me to make my choices, just as they had each individually chosen to be active members of the church despite the opposition they faced for their choices - having parents that allowed me to choose for myself was a wonderful benefit in my life. My moment of realization came at a day that I didn't expect it but had been working towards my answer - as I sat quietly in a church surrounded by my friends on a Saturday morning I knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is true. Since that date I have had hundreds of instances in which I've gone to God in faith and been guided, I knew that day that the church was true, I know that now as well. People choose to have faith in items all the time, when a person switches on a light-switch they have faith that it works through experience - my experience in life has taught me that by living by the precepts of the gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in my church life works in a consistent way. God wants us to be shepherded through our life experiences the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints provides that opportunity through modern revelation and sound teachings more than any other church I've ever studied.

How I live my faith

Paul teaches us to live in a way that we are living testaments to God. Imperfect as I am I try to do my best to make my life a living witness of what's in my heart.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

In the bible we read of prophets and apostles, a church which was active, revelation that flowed from the lips of prophets and miracles in the lives of those who followed the word of God. In the bible God is a loving approachable active being, wanting and willing to guide us by His word. In the bible a man is encouraged to go to God with questions, to submit to His will which clearly implies knowing His will and having guidelines to follow it. It is in consideration of the bible and the reverence for the truths found within it that the gospel had a need to be restored. God once again is know as a loving, living, approachable, Father rather than an ambiguous force to be feared. The church is back with apostles and prophets, following biblical patterns. It's because we have the bible that the restoration was needed. I'm grateful for those throughout the ages who preserved Christianity and the lives that were lost to give us the bible - they gave so much and tried to hard to keep what was once had on earth. Their goals are entirely congruent with the restoration, they sought a preservation, and God in His mercy completed the work that ages of scholars could not complete by revealing Himself to a 14 year old boy who had sought an answer to prayer supposing to join a church rather than be a means through which Christ could restore His church. What a marvelous day we live in where we can clearly see that the bible is not a book of what once was, but what now is. Show more Show less