Mark: Mormon.

Hi I'm Mark

About Me

I grew up in Seattle, WA and have since lived all over the country, including Dallas, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. Since graduating from college in film studies, I've been working as an editor on various film & TV projects. I enjoy reading comics, playing Rock Band on my PS3 with friends, traveling, and running.

Why I am a Mormon

I admit that I was born to Mormon parents, but the reason I have continued to follow this religion into adulthood is because I've seen the ways in which the Lord has guided me through the teachings of the Book of Mormon and our latter-day prophets and apostles. When I was 16 my father lost his job and my family declared bankruptcy. We left our home and moved into a little condo 30 minutes away. I was afraid, because at that point in my life I had never needed to know how to start a social life from scratch and was comfortable keeping things the way they were. Losing so much of my familiarities was frightening. But in the midst of the turmoil, I remembered that as a child I had learned in church services and from my parents to call upon the Lord in my hours of need. I followed that thought. He humbled me and helped me find creative ways to introduce myself to people that made my personality shine through my fear and shyness. Within a few months I found myself constantly surrounded by some of the most loyal and trustworthy friends I've ever had. And more than that, I had grown to be more outgoing and giving of myself. This is just one example of how God has helped me become a better man as I continue to rely on the things I've been taught in His church.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

There is a Book of Mormon verse, 2 Nephi 33:10, in which the ancient prophet Nephi teaches that if we lack the belief that the Book of Mormon is true, then we should believe in Christ, because if we believe in Him, we will come to believe that the book is true, because they are His words. This wisdom not only helped me to gain my own testimony of the Book of Mormon, but the logic behind it has helped me understand and accept many other principles taught by the LDS church, because if I believe in Christ, surely all things that come from Him will follow. Because of Nephi's promise in this verse, I have been able to better recognize the fruits of Jesus Christ's teachings and atonement, feel His influence in my life, and be His disciple. And because I follow the Son, I am closer to God the Father the more I read His words.

How I live my faith

I make monthly visits to different members of my congregation to make sure they know they are loved and thought of on a regular basis, and to see if there is anything they need help with. I also have had a lot of experiences in the last year where I've instructed Sunday School classes. This is one of my favorite things to do as a member of the LDS church - I love how much I learn from the students who come to class prepared with great comments and questions. I've also been over a committee that plans monthly service projects and other activities like game nights or campouts for the entire congregation to participate in.