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Hi I'm Jacob

I'm a husband and father, I'm a programmer, I love goth music, basketball, mtn biking & body boarding, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised Mormon, the only boy in a family of six kids. I love music! I have always loved music and especially grew to love the New Wave of the 80's and later the punk and gothic music through the 80's, 90's and today. I was a DJ at a goth club for about six years and still enjoy the romantic, emotional and dance-friendly music of that style. I often get asked by goths how I can be a Mormon and by Mormons how I can be a goth and I just say, it's easy, I live the gospel of Jesus Christ which doesn't make these two things mutually exclusive, in the end music and DJ'ing and dancing are a hobby and form of expression, but the gospel of Jesus Christ defines who I am and how I truly live my life. I also use my love for music to develop my talent playing the piano and use it serving the Lord at times in callings as ward organist or ward primary pianist. I'm also a husband with a beautiful wife and father of two wonderful girls that I love. I work as a Software Engineer and manage a small team of programmers. I work out of my home which really helps me to balance my work life with my home life so I can spend the time I need to with my family. We love spending time together going on vacations, time at home watching our favorite TV movies and programs and playing games and so on. I also love basketball, mountain biking, swimming, body boarding and working in my yard with my flowers and garden. But most of all, I love my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

Most people that find I was raised as a Mormon just assume I am one because of family tradition. While that may be partially true in the sense that the values were instilled in me from a very young age, I've definitely had enough challenges to my faith and beliefs that if tradition were the only reason I were a Mormon, then I doubt I would be today. At a very young age, in my teenage years, I took the challenge that we often share with others. It's as simple as learning a bit about the church, such as the story of Joseph Smith or reading the Book of Mormon, and then simply and humbly kneeling down and sincerely asking God if the church is true, if Joseph Smith was a true prophet and if the Book of Mormon is the word of God translated by Joseph Smith. It's really that simple, what does anyone have to lose by doing those simple steps? And so I took the challenge myself and I've done so many times and each time I have received a clear answer, not a voice of thunder or a mighty vision, but as the scriptures say through "a still, small voice", for me I feel peace, comfort and assurance that it's correct. And that feeling has been multiplied hundreds of times as I've continued to learn, study, ask and grow. I served a mission for two years in Spain where I shared that testimony with hundreds of people and each time my conviction and resolve has grown. Over the years people have asked me tough questions and I've researched the answers through prayer, scripture study and listening to the words of a prophet today and have received answers to my prayers, a knowledge that this church is truly guided by Jesus Christ today through a living prophet, much like in times of old through Peter, or Abraham and Moses. I am a Mormon because I know it's right, I know it's true and I know that with the Priesthood authority we have today we can be sealed as eternal families and make it back to live with God and Jesus Christ together.

How I live my faith

I live my faith mainly by serving others and trying to be live how Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father would have me live. Over the years I've tried to live as I should, as a youth though I made many mistakes, I tried to be kind and not participate in activities or use offensive language which was definitely a challenge on the basketball court because you really get caught up in the emotions of the game. In church I've served in many different callings. I currently teach Sunday school to the 12 and 13 year old kids. I love teaching the youth of the church, they end up teaching me so much about how to apply the gospel in my own life. I've also taught the older 14 and 15 year olds which was a lot of fun as well. I've served as ward organist for many years and would love to some day be able to play the Tabernacle organ on temple square! I love to play the piano and one of my all-time favorite callings was serving as the Primary Pianist where I played the piano for the kids age 3 to 12. At work I try to be honest in all that I do and I think that's the best way to live how I believe. I try to be honest with my company and my boss by putting in my best effort and never the bare minimum. I also try to be honest with those that I manage and making sure that they get the time they need to spend with their own families. The church is a great organization because it provides so many opportunities to live a life like Jesus lived. He was constantly helping others and teaching. These are things that I have the opportunity to do all the time. We often have service projects that help us to serve others in the community, not just our own members. I've been involved in recent service projects that helped stock food pantries to over-flowing capacity. We also have helped in a community garden and orchard and restore a newly acquired city park. And most of all, I try to live my faith by spending time with and loving my family.