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Hi I'm Charles

I'm a Mormon. I'm originally from New Zealand. I started a Constitution study group and am involved with my community.

About Me

I love being married and having the responsibility of a family. I studied engineering and physics in college and currently own in partnership, a small electronic R&D company. I love studying other cultures, religions, history and philosophy. I am an inventor and have several patents for commercialized products. I love to be creative and respect faith lead reasoned thinking. Social and civil government issues concern me and has lead me to studying the principles and laws of the U.S. Constitution, including Natural Law rights and philosophy. I believe that being open to ideas and opinions of others is essential to one's own understanding of humanity and world view. I also believe that acknowledging God's hand in all things true is central to happiness of the soul.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in my faith from an early age. I have had the privilege of acknowledging God's power and recognizing his Spirit through some very sacred experiences from my youth as well as in my adulthood. I've always been aware that I will never cease to exist, my soul and conscience are eternal with God, it is to him and my Savior I owe true allegiance in my life. I am a deep thinker and can over whelm myself with self analysis and doubt. But I do find great comfort that the love and relationships I have with my immediate and extended families can last forever. The concept is very real to me, in fact, I've concluded that there is much in the world view today that is very very temporary and is in fact an illusion when compared to what I know to be spiritually true. I take comfort in that I am not a perfect man. I make so many mistakes and endure the human failings like anyone else, but I take the great comfort that Jesus Christ is real and loves me unconditionally.I find spiritual peace when I choose to recognize his purpose for me, those I love and for humanity as a whole in my soul. There is a purpose for all things, and a reason to exist in this universe. I know sometimes as a human being, I am often blind to the evidence of God's truth all around me. I do know he desires for me to act in good conscience, righteous principles, yet he allows me to choose my life and decisions according my own agency, or freedom of conscience.

How I live my faith

Each day I thank God for my existence in this Universe. That my relationships with those I love are the most real treasures I have in this world. I know that faith, that deep and meaningful desire to know God and his will for me is real and I try my best to live it each day. I also fail or fall short of His expectations as well as mine. But I know that when I fail or fall short of the desires God has for me, that I am still loved and acknowledged for "who" I am, and not for "what" as in the typical world view. I know my Savior's love for me is real. I sense it when I pray to God in Heaven and ask him to help me in my times of need. I sense it when I tell him I love him, and thank him for my existence here on Earth. I sense it when I tell people I'm sorry because I was a "jerk" that day and was in a bad mood. I sense it when I help someone in need, or when I tell my wife and family that I love them. I love my Savior and tell him so, when I try to follow his footsteps. My faith is the core of who I am as a human being.

What is faith?

Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" To me and my family, faith has been the hope of something real and certain in God, whereby no earth bound answers can compare. Faith answers to me that life exists for purpose, it is real, it will not end but continues. That families can be forever, love and spouses can be happy in this life and the next. That suffering and hardship of those around me requires my involvement to love and cherish those around me without judgment or bias. That God justifies all deeds before him, based on my freewill and choices in life. That I am loved and always have been by God, and that I in turn must do the same for others. This is faith to me, that is real. It is the light that burns within oneself from God, to seek relevant answers in life and eternity, without knowing or relying on worldly evidence as a substitute. Show more Show less