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Hi I'm Andrew

Tradgedy comes my way, more often than not, but I know the key to Happiness!

About Me

Well one thing that is different about me is that i am a random person. Some people call me a sound-box for all the noises that i use while i speak to people. I love to skateboard and Unicycle. I have lived in different places in my life, including Utah, Las Vegas Nevada, Florida, and currently California. I am going to be going to school for Composite Engineering, Or in other words, to build Airplanes. Through my life i have always tried to help people. I have served in an Orphanage unit down in Equador and also as a service unit up in Alaska. Most of my friends call me the councelor of the group. That is because im the one that everyone turns to when they need advise or when they need help. Alot of the things that i tell them are things that i have learned for myself or are part of the Gospel thruths. I have seen alot of tradgict events in my life but always know that you will come out a better person. My name is Andrew, and I'm a Mormon. 

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the faith through my loving parents. I went to church like any other child of my age would do. When I started to hit my teenage years, things took a diffent turn. I was around 13 years old when this change started to accure. Up to this point i had always believed in the church, but slowly i started to question what i knew and why i lived the way that i lived. I decided to take a different road that everyone around me frowned apon. I was going down a new path that i hadnt ever taken before. Years went by without me even giving thought of who i was, what i was doing, or what i believed. I started to fall away from the things that i learned as a kid and took the beliefs and ideas of the world. Friends, Ideas, Actions, Language, and even what i thought was fun had started to change. A Few years back my parents decided to move accross the country. It was something completely different for me, especially moving my senior year of Highschool. It was hard at times, because i didnt know anyone. There ideas of fun werent the same as my ideas of fun. I slowly started to seperate myself from the social life, and close off my feelings to those around me. What i was comfortable with was gone and things started looking gray. As time went by i found myself questioning why this was happening to me. Why i was out here by myself. What i needed to do. To me, everything that i was doing wasnt getting me where i wanted to go. So i decided to test the things that i knew. I started to speak differently, act differently, even listen to different music, but i still got the same results. Finally it came down to what i believed. If I believed in God, If i believed that he loved me, If i believed that i had a purpose to my life. Before in my years of trials, i had gone to different churches with my friends. I would go but didnt really feel anything special. It came down to what my parents had taught me as a child. As i thought about everything i thought i knew i decided to pray. I got down on my knees and asked God if "The Book of Mormon" was really what everyone said it was, if it really was true. As i did i felt a feeling. I felt an almost loving warmth feeling while i "Felt" the words,"It is true, and you need to change" All my questions had been answered that night. I decided to change who i was and what i did that night. I decided to ruturn among the path that my parents helped me to walk on so many years earlier. I am a Mormon because i have seen tradegy all around me, But i still hold my head up because i know why they happen. I have been able to be happier durring trials that i never thought i could be happy in. I know who God is and what he wants for me. That is why, I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

The ways that i live my faith is by helping people with there doubts. I show them love in all situations and help them to see that it isnt the end, that they can get back up, that someone does love them. Im quiet with my words but strong with my actions.