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Hi I'm Joe.

I'm a English teacher. I'm a teller of stories. I'm a guy who likes to play games. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a guy who likes to have fun, preferably with a few friends. I enjoy playing tennis, rubgy, video games, board games, and most of all roleplaying games i.e. D&D, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, etc. I'm severly bi-polar and also have been diagnosed with ADHD. At times these two disorders cause me a lot of problems but with proper medication and a lot of patience I've gotten a pretty good handle on them. I've got a college degree to teach English and Theatre but find myself having a hard time teaching at public schools. So right now I'm between 'major' jobs and I am working as a pizza delivery driver while I try to decide what job would be best for me to pursue. My parents are about the best parents anyone could ever hope for. I've never seen them have a single argument or fight, not behind closed doors or anything, and their good example encourages me to treat my wife the way my father treats my mother. My wife and I have been married for 8 years now. As for children...well that's a longer story, read below for more on that.

Why I am a Mormon

I was blessed to be born into a family with two parents who are active and faithful members of the church. On my father's side of the family we go all the way back to the founding of the church in 1830. My mother was a convert to the gospel when she was a teenager. Growing up I always knew the church was true. I hadn't had any big epiphany, no great spiritual awakening, I just knew from simple observation that it had to be true. But this bothered me for a very long time. Everyone else seemed to have these great spiritual testimonies, so why didn't I? The answer came in a sacrament meeting one week. I don't remember the speaker or anything else but I remember him talking about testimonies and saying that "to some, it is simply given to know." This statement seemed to apply to me and was a great comfort for many years. But even though I knew the church to be true, like a lot of teenagers I didn't do a very good job at following its teachings. I lived in a city, Idaho Falls, that had plenty of Mormons and I knew I could just sit back and let someone else be a good example of the church. This changed when my family moved to Pittsburgh, PA. Suddenly I was one of six Mormons in the entire high school. I knew I didn't want people to think that all Mormons were like me, using foul language, being rude to others, and in general not acting like a Christian should. So I decided that I needed to either start acting like I should, or stop saying I was a Mormon. Luckily I chose the first! Still I struggled with my faith until I was on my mission in Australia and it came to the point where I had to know, spiritually, whether or not there was a God. I needed to know if He loved me, not just everyone, but ME. So, like so many others, I knelt in prayer as I had many times before and I asked those two questions. Are you real? Do you love me? To this day tears come to my eyes as I remember the answer: Yes. Yes. How did I know this answer came from God? It's hard to explain except to say that the feeling was unmistakeable and even 10 years later I can remember exactly how it felt. And so that is the main reason I am Mormon. I also have a very strong 'intellectual' testimony of the church. To me it is the only religion that makes logical sense. There's no contradiction in the gospel of Jesus Christ, no contention over points of doctrine, and no confusion on who leads and guides our church today. It is wonderful to be able to have complete and utter faith both in the gospel and in my Savior. He died for me, not just for everyone, but for me. I know this to be true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith one day at a time. Every day presents opportunities to be of service to other people. It also presents me with many decisions to make, some of which will lead to me growing and becoming a better person, and others that will lead me away from our Savior. Being a very computer literate person I enjoy working online with the church's efforts to take all the records of our ancestors that we have on paper, like the census and birth records, and put them into a digital format that can be easily accessed by millions of people. I also enjoy working with the young men of my congregation and doing Boy Scout activities with them. I also get together with them twice a week just to play tennis and sometimes have them over to my apartment to play some Guitar Hero or Rockband.