Lisa : Mormon.

Hi I'm Lisa

About Me

I love and cherish my membership in the church. I do not know where my family would be if not for the church. We have been so blessed and learned so many wonderful lessons within the church. This is the true church and anyone who will take the time to learn about it will definitely come to the same conclusions. This is where Heavenly Father wants us to be.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized in 1998. Before that time, our family had been to several other churches. We never felt comfortable at any of them. It always seemed that something was missing. My husband was a member of the LDS Church as a child but his family fell away at difficult times. I requested one of the free videos shown on TV and not long after that we had the missionaries stopping by. My husband prepared a list of questions which the two elders answered happily with excitement. They were meant to be helping us at that time. They were sent from Heavenly Father to bring our family back to the church where we belonged. One interesting fact to note: Whenever I have a question about our church, I ask. The answer is always clear and correct. It has never left me feeling confused or misled. That is another reason why I know this church is true.

Personal Stories

Can you talk about the missions of the Church and your participation in them?

For the past two years I have organized, along with many other sisters, Our Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Knowledge Faire. We have local participation of the Fire Department who bring a fire truck down and have Firemen inform people of what they do. We have our local Sheriff's bring their mobile command trailer and give people tours and tell them what they do in an emergency. We have several members displaying their 72 hour grab and go kits. We have a sister that demonstrates cooking with food storage. And of course we have all the church self reliance information as well as info about the church and it's humanitarian efforts. I also prepare many handouts from FEMA and another website called My husband barbecues hot dogs along with chips and drinks for free. And last but not least, I have copies of Emergency Essentials catalog in addition to The Ready's what to do in an emergency fride magnet. We advertise this in the local newspapers and the local TV station as well. We are trying to get everyone in the community involved as much as possible so we can all be self reliant. I hope we continue to do this for many years and provide some awareness for ourselves and our community.

How I live my faith

It is critically important for us to go to church each and every Sunday. We have learned to put everything else aside and make learning the gospel number one on Sunday. When we had not done this in the past, our day always ended up with anger and fighting. When we finally saw the pattern of our behavior when we did not go, we realized that attending every Sunday was critical to our well being.