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Hi I'm Allison

I am a child of God, so are you!

About Me

I'm a wife and the mother of three girls. There are 13 years between my oldest and youngest child, with 8 years between my second child and my youngest child. I enjoy playing games with family and friends, learning about history and crime and I am an avid amusement park enthusiast!

Why I am a Mormon

My family has been members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for many generations. As a teenager I thought that the world offered more experiences and fun then I could have as a member of Christ's church. I made many decisions that were not good for me and separated me from my Heavenly Father and his son my Savior. When I became a mother for the second time, I realized that I had been blessed with the incredible responsibility of guiding and teaching these precious souls. I somehow knew that it was wrong for me to deny my children the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ in it's fullness. As I started to reach out to my Savior, I saw blessings everywhere in my life. Sometimes those blessings didn't look like blessings, but I learned and continue to learn that as I strive to keep God's commandments and try to pattern my life after the example of my Savior's life, my life is filled with so much more happiness then it ever had been. I am filled with so much peace and comfort even when everything seems to be falling apart. I know these blessings come because I have made sacred covenants with my Heavenly Father and I do my best to keep all of my covenants.

How I live my faith

I try very hard to show my faith through the way I live every day. I do not use curse words because I know they offend the Spirit of the Lord. I try very hard to speak kindly to everyone and about everyone because I know that is what my Savior would do. I do not use alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea or caffeine because I know that any addiction is not good mentally or physically and part of this life is to learn how to control these physical bodies that we have been given. I strive to attend church every week to fellowship with others that share my beliefs and to be taught by the Spirit of the Lord.

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith was a person who took the council in James 1:5 to heart and as a result he was chosen to bring the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ back to the earth. He was a prophet of God, just like Moses or any other prophet in the bible was. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Women that belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are just like any other women. We work, some of us at home and some of us away from home. We enjoy time with our friends and family. We love our husbands and children and we fight with them too. We struggle with all the same struggles that women of any other faith do. The point here is we are human, just like you. Of course men and women are equals, whether they are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or not. We are all God's children and he loves us all the same. Men and women do have different roles, but that does not mean that one is more favored then the other. Show more Show less

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Why wouldn't Jesus make himself known to all of his brothers and sisters? Why would our Heavenly Father and His Son only allow some people to know their Savior, when He really is the Savior of all mankind? Jesus really did appear to the people that lived on the American continent after He was resurrected and not only did He appear to them He stayed with them to teach them and to establish His church among them through His authority. Show more Show less