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Hi I'm Jessica

I am a Middle School Science teacher, a writer, and a wife and mother. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a Middle School Science teacher in a public school. I am a young wife and mother to two sweet boys who are one and three years old. My husband is going to school full-time in preparation to become a Physician's Assistant, so we trade-off staying home with our boys between work and school. I cherish summertime, weekends, and school holidays where we can be all together as a family. I love writing, watching Netflix, and cookies.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church. Like a lot of members who were raised in the gospel, my testimony has grown slowly- but strong. I have had so many times where I have been empty, alone, and afraid. My faith has been far from blind- and when things are difficult, my faith has definitely not been perfect. However, for all of my doubts and apprehensions- I have seen miracles. I have felt the spirit. And I know in my heart of hearts that my Heavenly Father loves me; and that by following the teachings of my Savior, Jesus Christ, I can return to Him one day.

How I live my faith

I have spent several years serving with the children of our church as both a Sunday school teacher and as Primary Secretary. Currently I have been called as a family history consultant and I am excited to learn more about my ancestors and helping others find theirs. Geneaology is very important to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as we value the sacred importance of family, and believe we can be with our family for eternity through sacred covenants made in the temple.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

What happens in the temple is not secret, it's sacred. The temple is a piece of Heaven on Earth, the one place in the world where we can be the closest to the spirit and our Heavenly Father. It is important that everyone who enters the temple is aware of what an important place it is, and that we are accepting the responsibility to be reverent and respectful of the peaceful atmosphere. Members are interviewed before being given a "recommend" which allows them to enter the temple. In that interview we are asked questions like "Are you being honest with your fellow men?", to help ensure that those who enter the temple are living their lives in a way that shows their faith and dedication to making the world a better place. What happens in the temple isn't casually talked about because of it's importance. Now that I am an adult and I have been married in the Temple, I have seen and felt the peacefulness that comes from being in a structure that is dedicated to the Lord. Anyone is allowed to enter the temple, as long as the follow the necessary steps to get there. Being baptized, following the commandments, and living righteously. You have to be willing to accept the responsibility of respecting such a holy place, and sincerely want to be there. I'd love to see all of my friends and family in the temple one day, it truly is the most beautiful place on Earth. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Some people seem to think that being a mormon woman you are automatically expected to be the stereotypical housewife, but Mormon women are just like any other women. Human. The church is INCREDIBLY supportive of women. Some people struggle with the fact that only men hold what we call the priesthood, and certain positions in the church. However, what they don't realize is that women in the church also have unique callings of their own. The LDS church has the largest women's organization in the world, called the Relief Society. It was organized shortly after the church was restored by Joseph Smith over 100 years ago. As a working mother I can assure you that the church is fully supportive of women in the workforce. The church encourages that while women not work if they don't need the extra income, that they still continue to further their education both spiritually as well as academically as much as possible. The family is a key part of our religion, and women are given the sacred responsibility of keeping the home a strong and spiritual safe-haven. The opportunity to be a mother is unique to women, and one of the holiest and most beautiful callings in the world. A mother doesn't always mean literally giving birth to children. It means providing that nurturing strength and light to those around you. Providing this light to friends, family, coworkers, or anyone. Women are both respected and revered in the church. We are the glue that holds each ward and branch together. Show more Show less

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

We most definitely regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God. We revere all the scriptures as sacred records, as long as they are translated correctly. We as Latter-Day Saints find The King James version of the Holy Bible to be the most accurate translation of that holy book and therefore use the King James version as opposed to other various translations of the Bible. Because the Bible has been translated multiple times, sometimes the doctrine found within its pages can be confusing or unclear. The Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, is another book which we regard as Holy Scripture and the word of God. Because The Book of Mormon was translated only once (into English) and then only once again into various other languages around the world, it is much more clear. Because of this, many people who read the Book of Mormon find themselves able to relate to its words much more readily, and its incredible testimony of the Savior and of the love from our Heavenly Father cannot be denied. The Book of Mormon does not replace the Bible or even over-shadow it, but rather supports and exalts the Bible. Through the use of all Holy Scripture, paired with faithful prayer, we can find a sense of peace and truth as well as the answers to the questions we may have. Show more Show less

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

At all times, members show a sense of modesty in their dress and appearance. We regard our bodies as temples, holy gifts from our Heavenly Father, meant to be treated with respect. On the Sabbath, a day of worship, we find it especially important to emanate this respect by literally wearing our "Sunday best". Men wear dress shirts and pants with ties, and women wear dresses or skirts. Generally, parents extend the example of outwardly showing our inward reverence by having their children dress-up for church as well. Members of the Church celebrate Christmas and Easter in reverence and respect towards the significant events in our Saviors life which these days represent. We also celebrate national holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc... we are a joyful people! Show more Show less

What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

The LDS welfare system is something very dear to my heart. My father was unemployed for a good amount of time while I was growing up and I remember receiving food and other house hold items (such as soap, toothpaste, etc...) from the church on a regular basis. As the oldest child I was very aware of our situation and it was such a blessing during an otherwise scary time knowing that we were not alone and we would not go hungry. The really wonderful part about the church's welfare system rather than many alternative welfare systems is that it is based on the guiding principals of work and service. Members (particularly those who are receiving help or who have received help in the past) are encouraged to volunteer, if they are able, at their local storehouse where food and household supplies are organized and distributed to those in need. If a family is in need, they meet with a member of their bishopric to assess their situation and determine how they can best be helped. Along with donations, budgeting and employment guidance is also offered. Anyone who is need of assistance is asked to put into place a plan of action so that their family can be best helped not only short-term, but long-term as well. One of my favorite memories is working in the bishop storehouse with my husband shortly after we were engaged. The blessings of service are sweetest when shared and the storehouse allows members to work together to better the lives of our fellow men. Show more Show less