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Hi I'm Adam

I'm an economist. I'm a defense analyst. I'm a father. I love poetry.

About Me

I grew up in the West, earned a Ph.D. in the Midwest and began my career in the East. Along the way I met my wonderful wife, and we now have two sons. I enjoy long walks, reading historical fiction and nonfiction, playing chess and basketball, and reciting poems.

Why I am a Mormon

It would be disingenuous to ignore the fact that my family has practiced this faith for seven generations. The people I loved taught me their understanding of my relationship to God, the purpose of our lives here on Earth, and how our lives fit into the larger scheme of where we came from and what will happen after we die. I found comfort, meaning and purpose in these teachings just as they had, and observed their dedication to church service as a pattern for my own life. Later, I chose to spend two years sharing my beliefs with others as a full-time missionary, and in the process two very important things happened. One is that I saw how the gospel of Jesus Christ, as restored to the Earth through Joseph Smith, had the power to change lives and bring people happiness they had not experienced before. The other is that as I bore my witness of the principles of my faith, I repeatedly felt the Spirit of God present with me to confirm that witness. To this day, as I pray, as I attend God's holy temples, as I share my witness with others, I continue to feel God's power touching my own life. The patterns of meeting attendance and church service still bring an order and purpose to my life, as do the knowledge of my role in God's plan for happiness. I know as surely as I know anything that God is our father, that Jesus is the Christ and savior of the world, that the Book of Mormon is an inspired record of ancient profits with power to bring souls nearer to Christ, and that Joseph Smith Jr. was called by God to restore the Church of Jesus Christ upon the Earth.

How I live my faith

On a monthly basis I visit families in my congregation that have been assigned to me, to ensure that each household in the congregation knows they have someone they can call upon for assistance. This assistance can be anything from help transporting large objects, to exercising the Priesthood authority of God to give blessings of healing or of comfort and counsel. I have had assignments over the years to teach lessons about the scriptures in Sunday School classes, to maintain records of the congregation, or to educate and encourage people about family history research and temple attendance, among other things. Within my own home, I observe personal worship through daily prayer and scripture study. I offer ten percent of my income to the church to help fund its activities such as constructing temples and meetinghouses and printing educational materials. 

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

Mormons tend to observe the same holidays as other Christians. The church explicitly promotes Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, including official hymns for these holidays in the hymnal. Any modest clothing is permitted in our meetings - the New Testament forbids preferential treatment in church on the basis of clothing - but as a sign of respect for ourselves and for the Lord, Mormon men tend to wear neckties and slacks to church meetings, and women to wear skirts or dresses. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

We are, indeed, fortunate that inspired writings from ancient prophets and apostles have been passed down to us in the Holy Bible. There remained two important reasons why a restoration was necessary. One is that true scripture is not the only facet of God's kingdom on the Earth: when Christ was here he established a church, with structure and priesthood authority, and that Church of Jesus Christ needed to return. The other is that wise and devoted people can and do come to different conclusions about the truth from study of the Bible - on its own, neither it nor any other book can provide a complete foundation of religious truth. We must be able to access truth from the source, through living prophets. Show more Show less