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Hi I'm Alicia

I'm a dancer. I love to sing in groups, especially with my six children, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a rarely at home mom of six funtastically creative children. I am a blessed wife, a daughter and an oldest sister (seven siblings)a part-time substitute and dance teacher, As a BYU student, I minored in ballroom and still love to dance with my husband and children. I am now a certified yoga instructor and I adore hot yoga! :-) I love how yoga helps me focus inward and work all the stress out of my body and then to just "be still" and listen for what is really the most important thing that God wants me to focus on. I enjoy music and singing, folk dancing and hiking with my awesome husband and children . I find joy in observing and interacting with animals. I love thunderstorms and rain, I support birth in the home and enjoy being a doula. I like to do mulch gardening with my family and we are trying to grow as much as we can that's edible. I like healing modalities--essential oils, herbs, energy work and other natural ways to heal. I like writing, and finding the best ways to follow the Word of Wisdom.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a Mormon home and there was all along a peace that came from singing the hymns of the church, following the commandments I learned while attending church and in the home. When faced with my eleven year old brother's death when I was thirteen, I questioned my faith in God, even while clinging to hope in the reality of the resurrection. Since then, I have served a mission for the church. My faith has grown and continues to grow daily as I apply the truths I have been taught, and I see for myself the many blessings that await me as I take steps closer to the Lord. When faced daily with life's challenges, I like singing to the Lord, because He helps me get through them. I love singing the Thirteen Articles of Faith with my children. The third article states: We believe through the Atonement of Christ all mankind may be saved by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. I love the hope this gives me! I love singing about how faith is like a little seed, and feeling the Spirit witness to me that this is true. I hope to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of my children which will carry them safely through their earthly trials and back to their Heavenly Home.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying every day to be closer to God. Sometimes that involves a period of feeling confused or overwhelmed and I have to go through the process of praying, reading scripture, and pondering. But ultimately I always feel that He answers my prayers when I do what I know is right and then wait on Him. I feel Him nearer as I make choices to keep His commandments. Often I will look for opportunities to serve others by sharing with them the time, talents and abilities God has given me and so I volunteer to teach free folk dance, yoga or health and nutrition classes. Sometimes I help out at my kid's schools and grade for the teachers there. I like being around children and youth. I love their ",shine," and I like being able to reflect that shine and love back to them. Every year I love to celebrate Christmas with service. My family and I sing to people at care centers. We share smiles, hymns and songs which turn our hearts to Christ. At Easter we love to participate as a family in the Arizona Easter Pageant which tells the life of Christ through acting, music and dance. The message of Christ's earthly ministry and his resurrection are made more real to me as we help retell the events we read about in the Bible. I LOVE to feel that special spirit as we sing, "I know He lives!" I love to celebrate a Christian passover and I feel my faith in Jesus Christ grow and look forward to His return.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Worthy young men and women in the church who are 18-19 years of age may choose to serve missions. Even older men and women or couples can decide to serve proselyting or service missions. Their decision to go is an individual and personal one. I served a mission to Finland and found it to be such a blessing in my life to share something so dear to me and watch the way it blessed others who had been searching for the truth about God, about Jesus Christ and about their plan and their love for each one of their children. Show more Show less

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Absolutely! We believe that the Bible is the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. (This is the 8th article of our faith.) We actively study and learn about the Old and New Testaments as a regular part of the Sunday School curriculum and are constantly encouraged by church leaders to make daily scripture study a priority. On the church's website: lds.org, you can look up any scripture in the Bible and read or listen online. It's a great resource and also offers the Bible Dictionary to help you look up unfamiliar words or concepts. I love looking at the maps also, as they help me to really visualize the path of the Savior when he was on the earth and I like seeing where things in the Old and New Testament took place. Show more Show less