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Hi I'm Benjamin

Being a Latter Day Saint is the hardest and most worthwhile endeavour I've ever embarked upon.

About Me

Copiously ambivalent, uncannily sophomoric, and somewhat balding, I often find myself dirty, tired, and satisfied. A mechanic by day, and a roving troubadour by night, my colleagues often agree with my points just to keep me moving along. I love good steak, high end flashlights, and the occasional cup of white-chocolate hot chocolate with a scoop of ice cream. I have never lived in Iowa, nor do I know how to play the guitar. My boots are always leather, my parents are always on one-touch dialing, and my dog has been dead for almost a decade. Occasionally, at night, I look up and remember how big the universe really is.

Why I am a Mormon

I remember being at a general conference, sitting there and wishing that I were somewhere else, my dislike of crowds being all too prevalent, accompanied by not really wishing to sit for two hours just to listen to some "good ideas." Then, with the tangible force of a wave, the spirit came into the room and struck me full force. I noticed at the very corner of the hall that some small figure, (having been seated in the balcony near the back), had entered, and at once I knew it was the prophet. In that moment I knew with a surety that God lives and that President Thomas S. Monson is His prophet, and that they both love us and care for us more deeply than we can imagine. That experience, added to the many, many other experiences that I have had that were similar, are more than enough to know that the Gospel is true, and that God loves us and has restored His one true church on the earth today.

How I live my faith

Every single moment that I have here upon this earth is a testimony of how I live my faith. For me, it has been a journey of knowledge, starting with shedding bad habits and replacing them with better ones; things like appreciating having a car rather than cursing the traffic, or being grateful for my health instead of focusing on how tired I am because I didn't sleep enough last night. Being aware of and thanking God for my blessings has been a major step in living my faith closer to that which I feel is my best effort. I still find myself being dragged down by earthly circumstance and losing perspective, such as dwelling on something negative someone said or worrying over some financial matter. It is in these moments that I can define my faith, and allow the knowledge that is available to us to permeate these mediocre circumstances and elevate my perspective into one that is peaceful, determined, and focused on returning home to our Heavenly Father. Surprisingly, what you think when you spill your glass of milk on the carpet can be the most pivotal decision of your week. When you're at peace with your own life and who you are, it's a lot easier to be at peace with those around you and their potential glasses of spilled milk.

What is being a Mormon like?

To me, being a Mormon is a lot like being asked as a small child to carry the bowl of mashed potatoes to the table for Thanksgiving dinner. It's tough, because the bowl is heaped full of potatoes and butter and all of those wonderful things and it weighs a lot. It takes a lot of muscle to not only carry them to the table, but heave them up and gently set them on it so that everyone can have an opportunity to enjoy them. It's tough, because of the diligence that went into making them would be for naught if you dropped them or brushed against the dog and got hair all in it, disappointing not only the chef, but all the others anticipating the desirable dish. It's tough, but at the same time it's wonderful. It's wonderful to have responsibility, to be a part of the process, not just a bystander. It's wonderful to be challenged, to do something beyond what you normally would consider in your capacity to perform. It's wonderful to succeed and gain the trust of those who are in charge and be able to help even more. It's wonderful to grow and have confidence in yourself and know where your boundaries are and push them and become even more capable. It's wonderful to sit at the table and see all the carefully crafted dishes and know that you had a hand in making a resplendent banquet complete. Show more Show less