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Hi I'm Michael Biggs

Happy healthy and balanced. That's how I roll!

About Me

My American father was stationed in France serving in the Army when he met and fell in love with my French mother and... VOILA! I was born! Soon, my brother came along too and we left France to eventually settled in Orange, California. My formative years were comfortable and stable thanks to my wonderful parents. I've always believed in God and my mother nurtured that faith by raising me in the faith that she and generations of our family belonged to. I love her for that! That spiritual foundation helped to prepare me for that special day when I learned about, and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Today, I work as an engineer, volunteer as a scout leader and research my family history. Life has been a mix of challenges and blessings but my faith in Christ has been a strong and secure anchor in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I always believed in God... probably due to my mothers influence, for which, I will be eternally grateful! She provided much more than rides to church. She was (and still is) the most Christlike person I know. As a teenager, I became distracted from my faith but when my best friend joined the "Mormon church", I was surprised. He was not what I considered a model example of christian living! But he began to change a lot, and I took notice. I found myself desiring to find my faith in God again. It wasn't long before I investigated the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I joined. Ever since then, the Church has been "my life" and I have never looked back - it was the most right thing I ever did!

How I live my faith

I never thought I had the personality or interest to work with teenagers, but God had different plans for me. Many years ago, I was asked to work in the young mens program of the church. The ensuing years brought great blessings to me as I gave time to, and grew love for, the young people. By far, my greatest joy today comes from seeing teenagers make good choices on their own! I feel secure knowing that many young people are preparing themselves to be responsible adults and take our places in the world. My other passion is family history work. I feel a great desire to know my ancestors and share my research with others. My love for family has deepened as I study the lives of my ancestors and seek to know my living relatives better.

What is the Book of Mormon?

Michael Biggs
The Book of Mormon is another scriptural testament of Jesus Christ... like it says in its official title. Its very existence helps us to know that God continues to speak to us today. It also proves that Joseph Smith was indeed a servant of God whereas he could not have produced the Book of Mormon without divine assistance. The Book of Mormon speaks to us today and stands side-by-side with the Bible to testify of the divine mission of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

Michael Biggs
Life is beautiful! Our bodies and senses are miraculous! And our relationships with families & friends are perhaps the most beautiful things of all! Yet, these things are temporary! These blessings that seem to matter most to us are finite - they come to an end! Yet God promises us that these blessings need not end if we follow his son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved." Everlasting Life is victory over death and Eternal Life is victory over sin. Christ is our hero who conquered both of those obstacles. Blessings so incomprensible that we can only get a small glimpse of His joy as we enjoy our beautiful world, living in our miraculous bodies and loving our awesome families. We are powerless to keep and hold on to these things. Only Christ can help us do that. Only Jesus can save us from death and sin... our awesome God and Savior! Show more Show less