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Hi I'm Jackie

My mom began teaching me to play the piano at age 3. I love the arts. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mom. I find that my children and I can accomplish a lot in a day --like 'ice-skating' across the kitchen floor with wet wipes --cleaning it in the process! I do a lot of multitasking around the house these days as I'm sure you other moms do. I like being at home because I can organize my own time; I feel like an entrepreneur --a novice, but highly motivated! I'm still learning how to create the best schedule for my family, but high on the priority list are: getting up in the morning to exercise consistently --8:01am is the very hardest part of the day!, piano lessons --being the mom and the piano teacher is still a work in progress, and fixing dinner --I TRY for 5 nights a week (if it gets cleaned up that same night then wow! what a bonus!) I realize that some ideas we think of as standards in the home are not really attainable --like that picture perfect 'home & garden tv' living room! The reality is that I try to keep 1 room in the house free of large toys and kid stuff and we work at the rest one thing at a time.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe families are important. We were sent to this earth as babies, not by ourselves, but to a father and a mother. There is a plan to this. I feel like I can be a good mother to these children that God is sending me. I want to teach them the truth when they ask questions like, 'where did I come from?' and 'why am I here?' I want to teach them to say a prayer when they lose their favorite stuffed animal, to not hit their little brother when he hit's them, to return good for evil and to serve God by serving others. Sometimes I don't know all the answers, that's when I have thoughts come into my mind about what to do. These thoughts are from the Holy Ghost. Here's an example: Last week I really wanted to go shopping. I love coupons --I know it's not for everybody and I'm not a shelf-clearer, but I love the thrill of the deal, and I ask myself: 'do you want this because it's on sale or do you really need it?'! Anyway, I had this thought to take the kids to the library and park instead. I felt like I should spend some time with them, so I turned the car around and we had a great day together just playing. I didn't even know there was a carnival at the park that day. I know the thought --to spend time with my children, did not come from me. After all, I was all ready to go shopping with my coupons in hand. I know God, my Heavenly Father, was encouraging me to spend time with my family. When we spend time together we learn to love one another and it's easier to be kind, serving, and more forgiving. These are qualities I want my children to have. These are the qualities of Jesus Christ. We are all brothers and sisters on this earth and I believe we all have a mother and a father --God the Father. We belong to a great family. Our Heavenly Father wants us to return to live with him someday. Families can be together forever.

How I live my faith

I go to church on Sundays. I like to sing in our church choir. I feel connected, important, and excited when I sing in a group. I know we are working to perfect our talents together, and we have fun, precisely because we're not perfect. When the pianist plays a wrong note or the conductor asks how to pronounce 'angel' in a song we find the answers together; there is strength in numbers --and talent. I also help the members of our congregation foster that talent by asking them to sing or play a musical instrument in our Sunday meetings. Once or twice a month I encourage members, including children and youth, to share their musical abilities. I think it builds confidence in other areas of their lives too, not just music, when they worship by playing or singing in front of a large congregation. Before their performance they are usually nervous or anxious, but afterward they say things like, "I felt calm just before I began to sing," or "I knew God would bless me to do my best." They are learning to trust in the Lord in all things --even a simple musical number. I played an organ duet with a woman who lived in an assisted living facility near our church. I got to know her by giving her rides to church and church functions and by visiting with her in her room. I found out how she loved to paint ceramics and play the piano. Her hands were frail and often shaking when she played the out-of-tune grand in the dining room of her facility, but her persevering and serving heart inspired me to always use the talents God has given me and not take them for granted. I feel the love of God when I play the organ, play the piano, and sing.

What is faith?

Faith is knowing the sun will rise. Faith is knowing God created the sun. Faith is knowing God created me. I believe in a loving God, one who knows when I'm sick with pneumonia even though I told my doctor I don't drink alcohol or smoke and I'm young --isn't thirty the new twenty? When I got sick I prayed more than I had before. I prayed that I wouldn't die. I read the Bible story of how king Hezekiah asked the Lord to heal him when the prophet Isaiah told him he wouldn't live through his illness. I had a desire to keep living. I had a desire to do better with my life little by little. My faith grew in small steps as small miracles took place in my life. A new doctor called my home around 8pm at night and talked with me about my medical charts. He said, "He was on call and just noticed a few things." I was surprised that he would take the time to help me when he didn't even know me --and at 8 at night! Next, a friend stopped by to see how I was doing and offered to help in any way she could. My husband asked her if she could watch our children while we went to the emergency room. She said yes. Then my aunt was able to come and take care of my family when my husband went back to work and I was still recovering. I didn't know she had also had pneumonia when she was younger. She knew exactly how to help me. I know those small miracles came from God. I have faith that when I get sick again, God will help me. Faith is believing and trusting in God. Show more Show less