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Hi I'm Janna

I'm a graduate student. I love to embroider and bake. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a graduate student living in Washington studying to be a Speech-Language Pathologist. I love what I'm doing and loving the adventure! I spend any free time I have with my roommates and friends, eating out, shopping, crafting, baking and watching movies.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was raised in the LDS church I can definitely pinpoint several conversions I've had as an adult. Like most teenagers, I rebelled against the simple things my parents taught me both directly and by example. I never lost sight of what was right, what things I should be doing, but I didn't always do those things. When I left for college at BYU, I had many good examples of people just like me, trying to be grown up, individual, but they were still doing all the "right things." Their example, and my parent's teachings helped push me to ask the Lord what was true. Those first couple years of college, I really learned how to be close to the Lord on my own. Throughout the years since then, experiences I've had have both strengthened and challenged that initial testimony. It's been chipped at, added to, polished, and cracked in places, but it is mine and it is strong. I know what is true, and it is this beautiful gospel. I know that our Heavenly Father provided a plan for us to live. He gave us bodies, sent us to this earth, gave up His son's life. His son gave up His life, died for us, loves us. This church is lead by Christ. We are blessed to have prophets and apostles to be the Lord's mouthpiece on this earth today. I know that they are true prophets. I know that the scriptures are true. That the Book of Mormon is true scripture and that studying it and it's teachings will bring such peace and happiness. I have experienced that. I am a Mormon because this gospel is true.

How I live my faith

Growing up I was the only member of the church in my school. I actually didn't mind it, it gave me great opportunities at a young age to stand up for what I believed in. Alternatively, most of my adult life so far has been spent surrounded by other Mormons. But now, living away from BYU and my family, I am back to being the minority. It has been great to be an example to my classmates and friends, to really show others what being a Mormon is: kind, helpful, giving, Christlike. Although I know there are things I should always be working on to be a better person, and thus a better example to those around me. At church I help organize activities for Monday night. These are called Family Home Evening activities. As I attend a congregation of single people 18- 30 years old, we don't have families yet, so we meet as a ward every Monday for a spiritual thought and a fun activity. Its a good habit to get into, so we can continue it when we do have our own families.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Honestly, I feel that almost everything in this world tells that there is a God. The human body is the first thing I think of. You wouldn't think that a cadaver lab would be a place to testify of God, but it is! Studying the intricacies of the nervous system, the individuality of each person's vascular system, the complexities of the lungs, and the orchestration of all the bodies systems working together, it takes nothing less than a MIRACLE for it all to work. How wonderful and blessed I am to breathe and live each day. I love thinking of how it all works together. Additionally, I have seen this beautiful orchestration in the relationships and experiences I've had in my life. Looking back at my life, there is no way that God wasn't planning it all out. So many times I've met a friend and learned something from them right at the time in my life I really needed that specific support or friendship. Or I've been able to help them with something they truly needed. It wasn't planned by us, but we met each other, learned about each other and happened to be able to give each other just the right kind of friendly human support that the other needed. To me, that strongly testifies that God loves us and is watching over us. Show more Show less