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Hi I'm Marc

I love Police work and the French language. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to train in Self-defense. I have wanted to be a cop most of my life and am now pursuing that career. I am still attending college and am majoring in French linguistics. I lived in the Quebec province of Canada for two years and speak French fluently.

Why I am a Mormon

There have been several times in my life in which I've had to find out if the LDS church was the "true" church or not. The simplest way to put it is this: You will never find more true happiness anywhere else. Guaranteed. I don't say this to stand defiently against all others. In fact, I care much for those who aren't members of my religion. But I can't deny the truth. I've learned and I know that the Mormon way of life is that which God, our Father, wants us to have. One of the best parts about being a Mormon is that we're not told to believe anything. We're told that we need to find answers ourselves, through study, prayer, and experience, not just rely on a clergy's speech because let's be honest anyone on earth can tell you that such or such a thing is the truth...but how can we really know if that's just human opinion and deduction or actual God-given teachings? And that brings me to why I know the church is true. In my lifetime I have lived by the world's standards and I have lived by the LDS church's standards. It's true that the LDS ones take more work and diligence to live by compared to the world's standards, but they bring so so so much more happiness and sense of direction and understanding too! My testimony was gained and is still gained by the infamous promise found at the Book of Mormon in which Moroni tells us to "put it to the test." Because if you really want to know if it is true, you know you can't rely on internet searches and chat rooms which compare rumors and misinterpreted information. It's not in that way that God speaks to us. He will let you know by the results in your life. If you decide to read the Book of Mormon with an open mind, try to live by the teachings in it, and pray to God for an answer, I KNOW you will get one, because I have. My life is full of so much good. I know why I'm here on earth, where I'm going after, and how to prepare. And I know these things confidently, not just a "maybe", because everytime I study deeper into it, feelings from God that I'm doing the right thing just confirm it. The more I attempt to live by the LDS standards, the happier my life is. For all those who wonder if this church is the true church of God, and not just another man-made one, put it to the test! Don't rely on rumors and gossip that may or may not be accurate. You won't know for yourself until you try it. It's not weird or bizarre like so many claim. Afterall, how can one pass such a judgment without trying it first? I love it and want everyone else to find the same joy I have.

How I live my faith

I'm happiest when I'm serving in the Church. I currently have the assignment of teaching the Old Testament as a Sunday school teacher in my local congregation. I think I'm learning even more about it than most of my students! I am also a home teacher, which means I am assigned to a small group of people in the congregation that I go visit once a month with a colleague of mine also. We make sure they're doing well and that if they have any needs at that time in their life, how we could best serve them. It's very rewarding! I'm always looking for ways to help and exhibit by faith through random acts of kindness and helping others. I'm not perfect in that yet but hopefully someday!

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

To answer the question of if Mormon's practice polygamy or not, we need to look back in history: Throughout ancient times as well as more recent, the Lord has at times commanded people to practice polygamy. This is found even thousands of years ago in the Bible. There are also times when the Lord commands us not to practice polygamy. We don't always understand why. But what we do understand is that God knows best. So sometimes we have to put our trust in Him that there is a reason for it, even if we don't know that reason right now. He has a much larger perspective than us because He is perfect, whereas we are not yet. With that in mind, it's very important to note that God has revealed to his prophet concerning our day - that polygamy is not to be practiced at this time, and that so doing would be contrary to His commandments. Therefore, in obedience to that counsel, we as members of His church do not practice polygamy. Show more Show less