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Hi I'm Jim

I'm a Mormon. I'm a happy Mormon. I love life. I love God. I love His children.

About Me

I'm an engineer. But that doesn't automatically mean that I am a geek. I'm a right-brain, left-brain kind of person, which means that I eat and write with my left hand and play sports with my right hand. It also means that I often see things in ways that others don't see them, and I sometimes don't see things that are totally clear to others around me. I live on a small farm in Colorado, with horses, chickens, dogs, cats, a pot bellied watch-pig, and 20 acres of grass alfalfa hay. I fly an ultralight airplane, which travels about the same speed as the Canadian geese around here. I am married, and have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren who are a delight to my wife and to me. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the university with a focus on Solar Energy, but have worked for the last 30 years in the Printed Circuit Board industry. After 9 years in this industry, I started my own business testing circuit boards, and building fixtures for testing. After 9 more years, I sold my business to a German company, and went to live in Germany for 6 years, developing a new kind of test machine that I had previously patented. After 9 years with the German company, they were caught in the middle of the recent financial decline, and went bankrupt. These last few years have found me scrambling with several different part-time careers, each requiring something more like full time, and balancing that with being the ward mission leader since returning from Germany.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born of goodly parents who taught me the Gospel in word and in deed. Truer Christians I have never seen. I was baptized into the Church at the age of accountability, 8 yrs old. I learned more about Gospel truths, about how to serve others, and about how to love God as I grew up in the Church. As I studied and prayed on my own, I started to feel a closeness to Heavenly Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and felt the influence of the Holy Spirit often in my life. As a 15 year old in particular, as I read the Book of Mormon through cover to cover for the first time, it came alive for me. I felt in the deepest part of my soul that it was true, and the principles contained in it were true, and that how we got it was true, and that the Church restored by Christ through Joseph Smith was true and a privilidge to participate in and be a member of. As I served a 2 year mission in Sweden and witnessed others having the exact same experience as I had had, it became indelibly etched in my mind and heart that God would answer the prayers of anyone who was willing to accept Him and His Church, and let them know that baptism in His Church would put them on the path that would lead to the most happiness and most growth and development they could experience in this life. Since then, every challenge I have faced and every beauty of life I have experienced have confirmed for me the truths that are so rich and so deep that are only to be found here. Other churches have much good and much truth and I have tremendous respect for my friends in other religions, but the more I learn about those religions, the more impressed I am with the infinitely broad and deep restored truths that are available to us. And all for the price of trusting God and having faith in Him, changing things I need to change and things I want to change to become more like Him, making covenants with Him through baptism, the sacrament, and keeping those promises. Then the Holy Spirit can be a constant companion.

How I live my faith

My wife and I married in the temple about a year after I returned from a mission in Sweden. She was a convert, who joined the Church when I was away in Sweden. I met her on my first day back. We raised our kids in the Church, but after 15-20 years she decided that the Church was no longer for her. This was a very difficult thing for me, but I finally came to realize how important free agency is to our Heavenly Father, and that no matter how much I may want certain conditions in my life, my best approach is to love unconditionally, let my own light shine, by focusing on the beams in my own eye, and trust in Him completely. Like all good things, they are worth the effort required to obtain them. It has been enormously difficult to overcome a lifetime of expecting things to turn out the way we are taught they should be from childhood on. But it has been totally freeing learning to cast these burdens and expectations on the Lord and take up His yoke instead. Indeed it is easy and light in comparison. Even when I add on temporary underemployment and being overloaded with not enough time to get everything done, I witness daily miracles as the way seems to clear before me, and I am able to accompish all of the most important things. Needless to say, I depend on help from Heavenly Father to manage my time, my attention, my devotion and my love. When we sing "I need Thee every hour", I sometimes feel like "I need Thee every minute". In hindsight, I am grateful for every difficult thing I have faced. I have grown so much thanks to the hard things in my life. I have come to trust Heavenly Father completely. And I am starting to be grateful, not just in hindsight, but also in anticipation of every good thing and every difficult thing that comes my way, trusting that it will all be for my good.