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Hi I'm Barbara.

I'm a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I'm a sister, a daughter, and a friend. I'm a daughter of God and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My husband and I have been married for 35 years. We have five children. My college degree is in accounting. I loved working, but I gave up my profession to raise my children. I felt I could do more lasting good in the lives of my children than in the business world. Each child has presented different challenges. What has surprised me is that my children needed me at every stage of their lives, particularly high school. I have always loved to read, to learn, to go to school. I have taken many classes—chemistry, college algebra, Spanish, computer classes--so that I could aid my children in their learning. But some of my greatest learning experiences have come, not in the classroom, but in my home as I raised my children. My love for my family, both past and present, is the great motivator in my life. Genealogical research is like a huge puzzle waiting to be completed. It’s so rewarding to find and organize data about my ancestors’ lives and families. These ancestors are real to me. I marvel at the courage it took to leave their homelands. I weep when I discover the children they have buried. I feel their anxiety to be discovered and to be known. My husband and my children are all adults now. The immediate challenges of raising a family are past. There is a sweetness and peace that has come into my life as I see what my children have become and the good parents that my children are to my grandchildren. This happiness is what I think eternity will be like.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have come to know for myself that there is a God in heaven. I know that God is my Heavenly Father. I know, He knows me personally and loves me and loves my family. I know He sent his divine son, Jesus Christ, to earth to show me how I can live a happy life. Because of Jesus Christ’s grace and atonement, I know that someday I will be resurrected and will return back to God’s presence. I know that God uses prophets today and has used prophets in the past to teach mankind His Plan of Salvation in its purity. One of those prophets was a young man named Joseph Smith who saw and talked with God the Father and Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith was called by God to restore again the pure gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth and all its saving power. I love the Book of Mormon. I find wisdom and peace when I read and study from its pages. I know that it is a second witness along with the Bible of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

How I live my faith is a challenging question that I’ve spent some time thinking about. There’s a lot of “doing” that is expected in our religion. We drink no coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages. We use no form of tobacco. We commit to give ten percent of our income to the church for tithing. We dress modestly. We are honest with our fellow men. We live the law of chastity before marriage and are true to our marriage covenants after marriage. We commit to keep the Sabbath Day holy by not working or causing others to work on the Sabbath. Every week, we devote time to church responsibilities like teaching, caring and visiting members, genealogical research, and temple attendance. But “doing” isn’t what this religion is all about. We understand that all the commandments from God are given for our happiness and protection. The important thing is “why” are we keeping these commandments. Ultimately, we must ask ourselves are our actions drawing us closer to God? Are we becoming more Christ-like in our interactions with others? In the end, we do the best we can as evidence of our devotion and faith in Christ. But we realize that we all “fall short” and must depend upon the grace of Jesus Christ to reconcile us with God.