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Hi I'm Andrya

I have degrees in French and Language Acquisition. I'm a childbirth educator and doula. I have 8 kids.

About Me

Oh, you know. I'm just slogging through trying to keep my house mostly picked up and the kids fed every day. My favorite quote is "Sometimes the victory is that you just keep trying." It makes me feel better about not really meeting the goal to keep my house clean.

Why I am a Mormon

I didn't have much spiritual guidance as a teenager. The extent of my understanding of Christianity was what I learned from singing Christmas Carols. My mother didn't like organized religion and so I didn't either. Still, I felt a yearning for some direction and to understand what the point of my life was. When I was 15, I was cleaning up from Thanksgiving dinner with my mother's good friend who was LDS. As we worked together, I opened up to her about some of the questions I had about life and the purpose of it and how to know what I should do. I thought I was asking the Great Unknowable Questions of Life. I was surprised to find that she had ready answers for my questions. I found myself thinking that her answers made perfect sense. I didn't know that there was a religion that taught such sensible things. Some of the things she said were ideas that I already believed and other ideas were things that once I heard them, felt familiar. We finished cleaning but I continued to think about the things she had said. Hours later, I experienced a burning in my bosom and felt like I had finally come home after being away for such a long and wearying journey. I began to cry. And although we hadn't ever discussed baptism, I found my mother's friend and told her boldly that I wanted to be baptized. The missionaries came to my house and taught me the discussions. Still, everything just made sense and I understood. Christian doctrines that had always seemed strange and confusing were clear. I started going to church and watched the families around me learning the gospel and worshiping Jesus Christ. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to have that joy and peace. And so I was baptized by immersion and confirmed a member of the church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. Shortly after I joined the church, several friends gave me lots of anti-mormon literature to read. I did read it and I didn't have answers to some of those arguments. I talked to my Stake President who said to just keep doing what I knew was right and have faith. More than 20 years later, I do have my own answers to some of the "problems" I was presented with when I was a teen. I certainly don't know everything now! But the process of strengthening faith and studying the scriptures, praying and pondering has brought me joy, peace, a closer relationship with my God, faith, as well a better understanding and practical application of the atonement of Jesus Christ. My life hasn't necessarily been easy since joining the church, but I have tools to deal with the difficult times and faith to know that He has designed a purpose in all my experiences.

How I live my faith

My favorite calling is as a Relief Society Teacher. I could do that anytime, anywhere. Right now I am the YW volleyball and basketball coach and on the RS Activity Committee. But really, mostly how I live my faith is trying to do the important things every day. Keep the commandments, remember my covenants, teach and love my children, help my fellow human beings.

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

No. In the past there have been restrictions and limitations within Jesus Christ's church regarding who can hold the priesthood. In Old Testament times, only the descendants of Aaron, specifically, could hold the priesthood of God. In New Testament times, the apostles were instructed to take the gospel to the world. Then came the period of the apostasy where neither the Church nor the Priesthood was upon the face of the earth, because of wickedness. Joseph Smith restored the true Church of Jesus Christ and His Priesthood. There were still restrictions on the priesthood for those people of African descent at that time. But in 1978 the priesthood was extended to all worthy males. Show more Show less