What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Rich...

I am a mobile software developer. Grew up in northern VA. I enjoy soccer, marathons, flying and diving. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband and father of 5 in central New Jersey. My wife and kids are great - they are patient with me. I love to try new things part and parsel for an ascribed adrenaline junky - flying, diving, running, soccer, softball. If it's interesting and of good report, I want to try it... I am a software developer for a day job specializing in Android, iPhone, BlackeBerry and Windows Mobile. My truest joys come in seeing my children seek to learn more of Jesus Christ, serving my fellow man and the peace that comes when I have given all my talents/efforts I can muster to serve the Lord.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have studied many religions and found this church to be true and complete. Specifically - I believe: 1. Jesus Christs' teachings bring the greatest amount of peace and fulfillment in my life. 2. Joseph Smith is a true latter-day prophet that attained direct witness and teachings from God and Jesus Christ for the 'best' and most correct way to worship Christ in our day and age. 3. The Book of Mormon contains the fulness of Jesus Christ's plan of salvation to enable us to achieve exaltation and perfection. The message in the Book of Mormon is simple and direct to an honest & prayerful seeker of truth. As a companion to the Bible, they both testify to the truthfulness of Christ's message. 4. Restoration of the Lord's priesthoods - the proper authority for men to serve others in the name of Christ. I believe that through apostasy, forgetfulness and unworthiness - true priesthood power was removed from the earth in earlier churches. I believe through Joseph Smith the two principle priesthoods have been restored, the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods to perform the necessary ordinances and prepare ourselves for the return of the Savior - the 2nd coming.

How I live my faith

I find great satisfaction putting effort behind my faith in both my community and church: * Serving as a 'home teacher' a priesthood duty where I am assigned to watch over specific ward families and members * Handling church finances and membership records for my ward * Being a Troop and Pack committee chairmen in my ward and community - I am privileged to work with the young men of my local ward's scout troop to progress and become eagle scouts and learn the joy of serving in their communities and church * Managing ward building maintenance and repairs * Employment assistance - anyone that needs help finding a job, I work with them to prepare resumes, job network, present themselves, interview well and general career advice/counseling. I have received great satisfaction and success helping mormons and friends gain or improve employment * Coaching youth soccer teams * Managing and playing in an adult soccer team * Working on church and community humanitarian projects like - 'labor of love', blood drives, habitat for humanity, etc... I believe I wear the workers seal and the Lord is pleased with my love for serving mankind in his name. That is how I show my faith - I serve my fellow man and thus the Lord with all my heart, mind and strength.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Mormons worship Jesus Christ. Mormon's follow Joseph Smith's teachings as a prophet that defined 'how' true followers should worship Jesus Christ in this time period of human history - aka dispensation. Mormon's honor and follow Joseph Smith as a prophet of Jesus Christ. We believe Joseph Smith to be a prophet on the level of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, or Elijah. Joseph is especially important to Mormon's because he is our closest 'dispensational' prophet. A dispensation is an important demarcation for time periods in the history of mankind. Adam - the first man, the earthly father of all mankind. Noah - the first post-diluvian prophet. Moses - the first prophet after the exodus from Egypt. Joseph is revered by Mormon's to have opened the last dispensation of time to prepare for Jesus Christ's return to rule and reign over the children of men. Joseph re-opened the heavens in our day and provided direct revelation once again from Jesus Christ. Joseph is the answer to earlier prophecies that a prophet would be sent to prepare the way for Jesus Christ and begin the process to restore all of the keys, authority and prieshood necessary to save mankind. Like other Mormons, I firmly believe Joseph Smith has done more than any man for the salvation of mankind SAVE Jesus Christ alone. But the Mormon church is Jesus Christ's church. We worship Jesus Christ and anxiously follow ALL prophetic guidance from both ancient and modern day prophets for how we should worship Jesus Christ correctly in our day and age. Show more Show less

How does the Church finance its operations?

The Mormon Church finances its' principle operations as the original Chrisitian church organization through 'tithing'. As the term implies to all Christians tithing is 10% of our increase a Christian should dedicate to the Lord for his purposes to save mankind. For me paying tithing is one small item I can do 'perfectly' in this life. Everything else I pretty much fall short, have to rely on the atonement/repentance process and the forgiveness of others. But in tithing I can be perfect. I have paid tithing ALL of my life. In Malachi, the Lord asked for tithes and offerings to brought into his storehouse that there would be resources meat in his house to run the church. Caring for the 'poor and needy' is primarily done through a 2nd type of donation called a 'fast offering'. Fast offerings are separate from tithing. No hard limit or minimum is prescribed for 'fast offerings' but the recommendation is that a family or individual use the funds that would have been spent for food after a monthly 24 hour fast be 'donated' as a 'fast offering'. The church accepts fast offerings and a local ward Bishop uses fast offering funds as a resource to care for the 'poor and needy'. I have a firm testimony of both tithing and fast offerings. There are great blessings promised to those that pay an honest tithe and a generous fast offering. I stand as a witness that these promises & blessings are benevolent and true. Show more Show less