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Hi I'm Ray

I'm a Mormon. Go Figure!!!

About Me

A life long Episcopal Married to a life long Roman Catholic - recently converted to The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints -- Mormons. I am... Husband to my wonderful friend since 1987, and Father of 2, a son and daughter. We own an insurance agency and use our work time to help others properly protect their assets. Our free time is spent as a family, enjoy historical sites and other peaceful contemplations. 

Why I am a Mormon

FAMILY. Finally a feeling that the congregation is part of the FAMILY and my FAMILY is part of the congregation. As a convert, I searched for many years as a true Christian for a church I and my family could call home. Instead we found a home we could call church. The sacrament meetings are spiritual and the rest of the day is spent with true belief and understanding of gospel principles and lesson - where we can take part in the process of understanding. The week is now a week of family time surrounded by Heavenily Father. Christ is now more a part of our house, our home, our family - more than ever before - we are now true Christians!

How I live my faith

As a new convert to the faith, I was pleasently surprised about how much I could participate in the daily process of being a better Christian. In following Christ, as a personal Savior. As a Ward Church Missionary I help others like me come to Christ - learn the Gospel - Understand the Right to Choose we have been granted by our Heavenly Father, and how God does not want us to squander all the good He has provided us. Participating each Sunday in lessons, and filling in as a Teacher from time to time, only strengthen my faith. More importantly - Faith has become a part of my Family.

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

Yes! Yes! Yes!. The Old Testiment, the New Testiment, and the Words as Spoken within ALL THE PAGES. The King James Bible may be a hard read for some - but it is a wonderful story of Truth and Faith. Pick one up today... Read it! Ask yourself as you do.. What is the Word of God trying to tell me... Why am I reading these stories of testimony of the apostles and other accounts? The Bible holds the answers - and the Bible tells you the Truth about Mormons, because Mormons believe in every word of the Bible. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

And then some! I was astounded the first time I heard that many Bible Belt Religions were under the belief that we, Mormans, did not believe in Christ, nor accepted Christ as Our Personal Savior. When I actually experienced that question first hand, I was amazed. The fact is - not only do we believe in Jesus Christ, YES THE SAME Jesus Christ - but we also beleive he IS OUR SAVIOR, and if we do not live Christlike lives we will not recieve all the good we are promised in the BIBLE. That's right, we read, follow, and believe in the word of the BIBLE.. yes that Bible. The King James Bible to be exact. The fact is, the only thing that really defines our Faith over many others, is that our Doctrine, or Scriptures, like the Book of Morman includes additional scriptures and records from the time of Christ, and of his works, and the works of his Apostles AFTER his resurrection. As a Christian, it should be refreshing to know that AFTER Christ was resurrected, he did not FORSAKE US, but instead Christ and Heavenly Father GOD continues to work with us daily to help up lead a rightious Christlike Life. Show more Show less