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Hi I'm DC (Daniel Caldwell)

In alphabetical order, I am a latter day Saint, Scholar, Scout, Servant, Sinner, Soldier, Son, Spirit... some of several slogans.

About Me

As a teenager living in Utah, I earned the Eagle Scout award and varsity letters in swimming and track & field. In ROTC as a cadet for four years during college, I earned the national champion distinction for military drill competition. Now, I can no longer do 200 push-ups in a set, but I can still do 20 pull-ups, am an avid cyclist, and would like a running/fitness partner to work up to a marathon eventually. After graduating with my B.S., I enlisted in the Army and then the Texas Guard as part of the Civil Engineer Augmentation Team. As a scholar, I am a bilingual paralegal, a certified educator, and a registered engineer-in-training. Professionally, I provide tutoring and notary services when I can get the clients. I took classes in massage therapy and chiropractic, and my hobby since then is sharing epic hugs (with a sign I made that explains they are mutually platonic therapeutic embraces). After losing the election for City Council, the most encouraging feedback I received was a reminder of the Man in the Arena excerpt from Theodore Roosevelt's "Citizenship In A Republic" speech.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I had my water baptism at 9-years old, I did not really comprehend what it means to receive the Holy Ghost until I was 14. In 1999, I obtained my knowledge of the reality of God and His love for me by manifestation of the Spirit. Going to church with my family felt like living a lie because I did not have a witness of the reality of Jesus and His atonement for our sins. However, in saying what I did believe even as I thought to bid farewell to members of the congregation, the Spirit hit me like a tsunami wave, and I was filled to overflowing with a light and warmth that still defies proper explanation. Half a lifetime ago, I gained a testimony of my worth in my Maker's eyes, born again into a new life I hope would please him. I know our Heavenly Father is real because He told me so. This foundation is renewed each time the truths of additional principles are confirmed.

How I live my faith

Like the Boy Scout "Do a Good Turn Daily" and "Be Prepared", I adopted a personal motto from an upperclassman in college: Striving to Serve. I cherish time with my son and count each moment of life as not to be taken for granted. I re-learned the lesson that it does not matter what we have nearly so much as how we use it. Making analogies and looking for modern-day parables helps me understand the scriptures to live them better. Every day begins and ends with prayer. I am grateful, but unsatisfied. While no good thing is to be taken for granted, I can (and in fair conscience do) always ask for more. I have the privilege and responsibility to represent Christ to my brothers and sisters. I am called to fellowship with the saints, to pray for the afflicted, and to study the words of prophets. As I apply the teachings of our Lord to meet physical needs and spiritual hunger of God's children, they may feel His love for them through kindnesses I might share. True disciples have the commission to live the Gospel and preach to all the earth.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

DC (Daniel Caldwell)
They seem to think the way we use the Book of Mormon and value the role and contributions of prophets is blasphemous. "Cult" has a negative connotation or implication, but if you stick to how dictionaries describe cults, the religion of the person saying it typically fits the definition just as well, and is not a bad thing. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

DC (Daniel Caldwell)
The things that make them happy, and what they hope will bring joy into your life, too. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

DC (Daniel Caldwell)
No. We are expected to be willing to serve who, where, and when we are called, but each Elder and Sister applies and interviews for these opportunities. I am frequently asked where I went on my mission, and I have to say that I was honorably excused. However, every member of the church can be a missionary to their friends and neighbors. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

DC (Daniel Caldwell)
Yes, I believe this more strongly than that there was a prophet called Moses. It is far easier for me to accept the existence, identity, and role of a man I can see and hear, than one I have only read of. I have met apostles. I was blessed by a patriarch. I was ordained by a bishop. I have placed my hands on another's head as an elder acting in the name of the Almighty to bless and confirm converts of the Church of Jesus Christ. Mine was the opportunity to serve as the Lord's mouthpiece for one person in that moment. So yes, there are men alive today endowed with authority to lead the organization of the Kingdom of God. Show more Show less

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

DC (Daniel Caldwell)
Divine mandate. The words of God are fact. He declared the kingdom would spread across the earth, and by His power, it must be so. See Doctrine & Covenants 1:38 and 65:2. Show more Show less