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Hi I'm Michelle

I'm a harpist. My dream is to help and touch the lives of children around the world with my music. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi I'm Michelle! I'm a Texan, born and raised. I am also a musician...more specifically, a harpist. I recently obtained my Master of Music and Performance Certificate in contemporary solo and chamber harp music, and also have a Bachelor of Music in harp performance as well. Starting out, I always wanted to be a musician. My parents said I was obsessed with music and so the studies began when I was young. Now that I am finished with my higher education, I have realized that there are things I really want to do, things that just playing harp cannot satisfy. I love children, something I discovered coaching swimming, and dream about incorporating my music into the lives of children, especially those with health conditions and terminal illnesses. "Everyone an Angel." Somehow, I know my harp music can touch the lives of children who have never had an opportunity on this earth to do little else; to touch them in ways that brings joy, laughter, and excitement of life....and to celebrate the ability of any child to create beautiful music, "like the angels play."

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon. I was born and raised in the church. However, while I used to envy the strength and testimony of those who only found this church later in life, I now feel especially blessed that I had such a firm foundation in the church to grow up in. The Family is the most important structure on this earth, and is central Christ's teachings. He taught that a home should be a "heaven on earth." Not just pictures on the wall, not just a clean house, but how we act toward each other and how we teach our children: with love and gentleness. By being a Mormon, I can also one day be married in a Mormon temple, where I can be sealed to my future husband, not just until death, but for "all eternity". In this eternity, we can see our families and live with them again, after this life. The work we do in our temples is very special and sacred work, and is central to the family as well. We perform baptisms and other ordinances, by proxy, for the spirits who are waiting in heaven to have their work done, who never had the chance to accept Christ's gospel while alive. I have a strong testimony in the work we do at the temple, and a testimony and knowledge that there is a life after this one, where we can once again see and live with our families and loved ones. This concept brings me comfort in life. Christ also was the perfect example of how we should live. He was the ultimate service-giver. I love helping others and doing service for them, because whatsoever we do to others, we do unto Christ. I follow his lead. It also makes me so happy when I can look into the eyes of those I've helped and see the love and gratitude there.....for we are all children of God, even if they do not know it. I want my life to be full of service and meaningful activity...I want to be proactive in helping others, and not just making my own path easier. Life is difficult...the least I can do is make it easier for others who have it way worse than I do.

How I live my faith

It has been my experience that the lord knows all...everything that is happening in your life, and all your desires and pains and questions. I have served as a sunday school teacher in my church for the last 2 years. When first asked if I would teach (all our positions are volunteer), I had to laugh out loud. I had just been thinking for the last couple weeks that I really wanted to learn more about the scriptures, more church doctrine and principles. So of course, what better way to learn than to teach? I didn't know how to teach before. Now, it my absolute favorite thing. I learn so much and get to share my knowledge with the class, who with their comments and experiences teach me even more. My testimony in Christ and in his gospel has grown so much. In the past, I had also been a regional young single adult representative where I have been in charge of organizing activities for college aged single people, and calling committees to organize the various activities we have in the church, such as service projects, bible study, local and regional activities, devotionals, etc. This calling in the church has taught me organizational skills, and how to be a leader. Because of these specific duties I have attended to in my church, I have learned important skills the Lord knew I would need in order to pursue my dreams of developing an organization to help children through music. I understand how to prepare to speak, and how to organize, among many other things. I have also learned how to fellowship and integrate and communicate with others. I'm not saying that I could be a public speaker...but hopefully I can love and serve my fellow man enough to see past what is on the surface, and see the child of God that they truly are, someone who is loved by Christ. Being a Mormon, I am watched more by others, and I welcome it. By living what Christ taught me, I can be an example to everyone how having Christ in your life can fill you with happiness. Matthew 5: 14-16