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Hi I'm Liz

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've been a graphics artist since 1987. I love creating artwork for our Family Business, on my MacPro. Yes, I am a total Apple fan. I'm also a full time mom. When our first child was born, I decided I would rather stay home than have a career. Little did I know that I could have a great career at home from my computer, while I raised our five crazy kids. Life is such an adventure! What other things do I like & do? Well, a lot of my time is centered around our Church activities. We have teenagers, and they love the young Men's and Young Women's programs. I am an adult leader in this program for the youth. This summer I helped with putting together a Girl's camp for over 160 people, up in the mountains. It was so much fun. I love to hike, garden, redecorate my house. I LOVE to paint our walls in vivid colors. Anything to do with green is my favorite. 'Take joy' as quoted by Tasha Tudor is one of my favorite sayings. I am always looking to better mine & my family's life, improve myself & everything I influence and have a responsibility over, beautify everything around me, learn new things, and have more fun. Happiness is the reward, Eternal life is the goal. I love to share what I know with everyone around me.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the Church. I took for granted that it was true, like most people raised in a particular faith believe theirs is the correct way to be. But after I married, and had my first baby, so many things changed for me. So many new questions came up in my mind, when I held that sweet baby in my arms. It was then that I felt a huge desire to know for myself if what I professed to believe, really was the truth. That led me on a two year journey of my own, to discover just for myself who God really is, and if I was really His daughter. Was this really His church? I studied, prayed, learned more and more, questioned, pondered and prayed some more. I had to repent of several things I had done in my past. I changed so much for the better, along the way. I am so happy to say, I did find out that this is the only true church of Jesus Christ on this earth. I found out it is true one night while reading the story about how Joseph Smith, a boy of 14 years old, who wanted to know which church to join, went to a grove of trees to ask this question in prayer. He, like me, earnestly wanted to know the truth, so he could live it. As Joseph prayed, Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ, appeared to him, and told him what they wanted him to do to restore the true church once again on the earth. I had read this story many times growing up. But this time I had studied, and pondered and desired to know the truth. I had asked Heavenly Father to answer my question. Was this the true church of Jesus Christ? Well, while I was reading Joseph's account about hearing Heavenly Father say: "This is my beloved son, hear him!" I KNEW. I knew it was true. The Holy Ghost told me, right then, that what I was reading was true! The joy that filled my heart then can not be described. Reading that simple, beautiful story, that one more time, changed my entire life. I knew for myself what was true. I knew that I had found/been in the right church all along.

How I live my faith

It was really funny, how once I got my own knowledge of what I was supposed to be doing, how much I had to change. At first it was hard, because I thought I would be giving up parts of myself that I didn't necessarily want to give up. It turns out that I actually didn't have to give up a thing that really mattered to me. I was just given more and more things to love in my life. One of the things I felt I should stop doing was go to rated R shows. Being a Mom, I didn't want my kids exposed to some of the things that is in shows with that rating. That was a hard decision, and it took time to implement it in my life as I am an avid movie goer. But now I am choosey about which movies I will go see, and what I expose my brain to. It wasn't until much later that I realized that every time I see something really offensive, base, or language that is 'too out there' the Holy Spirit literally leaves. I can feel a 'pop' when I hear certain swear words. It's like He's saying: "Gotta go.'. And he does. I want Him with me all the time. I need his guidance. Being selective of what I allow come into our home, the books I read, the movies I watch, the music I listen to, really makes a possitive infuence in my life. As I raise our kids to be aware of the Holy Ghost, and how He works, it's so exciting to see them make their own choices about what they want in their own lives. Art is so important in whatever media we are into. True art edifies and uplifts me. It helps me become a more loving, caring, vibrant person. It brings so much joy to my life, as I see my teenagers learning the best way to grow up, the best way to be happy & how to avoid those popular pitfalls that leave unhappiness in their wake. Our kids enjoy all the fun things of the teenage years, and have been able to avoid the huge mistakes that Society tries to steer them into.