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Hi I'm Larry

I am a Civil Engineer. I am a cyclist. A father of five and an outdoor enthusiast. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband and father with 5 children. More than anything I enjoy being with my wife and children. Whether it is doing mundane things at home or taking them camping or skiing, I love being with them. I coach soccer for my kids while they are young. When they grow older I let others coach because I actually never played the game. I am a Project Engineer and I work for a state highway department. I am in charge of an office of around 20 people. We design projects for freeways and roads. I enjoy being a public servant and am very proud of the people who serve with me. I am big on having my staff engage in respectful debate about important decisions. I tell them that their job is not to be "yes" men or women. Their job is to make sure I am well informed of all risks. I find there is safety in this process. I like to be outside and I commute to work everyday on a bike. I love cycling. I also like to learn new things. For example I am a HAM radio operator, have become certified in SCUBA diving and taught myself to play the Irish Flute. Now I am learning to play the guitar. I very much enjoy finding out the other points of view people have, especially if they are different than my own. I am politically independent and have been for some time. I hope that sometime our country returns to a more respectful dialogue for solving problems.

Why I am a Mormon

Most of my friends and coworkers are not members of our church. They ask me this question occasionally. Because they are from a variety of other churches we have great discussions. I have the greatest respect for them and their beliefs. I was raised a Mormon so by shear momentum I stayed with this church through my youth. Still I feel like I knew it was true. After high school I served a mission in an European country where our teachings where not readily accepted. This caused me some concern and great reflection on my inner beliefs. At my core I have great faith and hope in Jesus Christ. I have noticed in my own life and in the lives of others that life is simply better when we put Christ and his teachings in the center of our lives. This church is so completely focused on Jesus Christ that it perfectly matches my inner core. I have made the effort to find out for myself if its teachings are true or is it just another church with good intentions. Through prayer and diligent application of the church's teachings on Jesus Christ, I have received answers to my prayers. I know it is true because I asked in prayer and received a spiritual confirmation. I know it is true because when I live the teachings I feel full of hope and peace. I also feel confident and safe. I know it is true because I fill like I am coming home when I contemplate the good the Gospel of Jesus Christ has done for me in my life. Anyone can receive the same confirmation I received. You don't have to believe me, because God will answer your prayer. Simply read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. Ask if it is true and see what you feel. God will answer this prayer.

How I live my faith

What a great opportunity it has been to live this religion. First and most importantly I live this religion by trying to be a better person everyday. I pray night and morning and try to review my actions with God. He prompts me about mistakes I have made and urges me to be better and to remember who I am and what he expects me to be. I have had the opportunity to be a missionary in a foreign land. This experience help forge the pattern for my adult life. This church has many opportunities for service. Some of my most enjoyable service has been with the youth. I have been a scout master several times and loved it. Later I was asked to serve as a bishop of a ward. This is similar to being a Pastor or Priest in other churches. A ward is equivalent to a parish or congregation. I am now serving as a stake president. What is that? Sounds like I was elected to something, right? Well a stake is a geographical unit made up of several wards. So if someone is a stake president they look after and assist the bishops of the wards in his stake. In my case their are 9 wards. And no, I wasn't elected to the office. It is something that you do because you asked to do so by men who strive to receive revelation on who should be in the position. In fact that is how all people are asked to serve. Others in different positions of responsibility seek inspiration to put the right people in the correct positions. This way they are called of God and not of men. By the way, I don't get paid for my service. Neither do the bishops. At least not monetarily. I do think we are blessed when we serve though. The positions we serve in are not permanent. In time I will be released from this current position and someone else will serve. It is my great desire to serve another mission somewhere in the world with my wife.