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Hi I'm Philip Root

I'm Canadian. I'll be Alberta bound until the day I die. I love Hockey, skating and My rock solid family. And I'm a Child of God

About Me

Hi my name is Philip and i'm about to tell you alittle about myself. I served a 16 month mission in the Great "above average mission" Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission. I am still fluent in Haitian Creole and little by little my french is coming back. I've been home a year and you know what... I'm still a Mormon. The greatest thing about saying that is that it hasnt been easy being back in the real world. In fact I dont think there will every be a time in my life where any person who grew up in the Church will need their Savior Jesus Christ more then when they get home from their mission. It is a transistion like none other. Adjusting and re-learning how to cope has been a roller-coaster but like this "about me" spot used to say, I have the greatest family in the world and with their help its been a learning curve. But because of their Love and support we made it through together and i am where i am today because of them. Now you may look at this and say what does this have to do with you. Well this is me. My aunt put it best the other day, she said " Philip from the time you were 3 all you ever thought , ate, and slept about was your mission. there ws no deviating from that." and she was right. Up until this point in my life there was nothing more important to me and this last year has shown me that. Now the question is Now what?

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the church. I was raised by my mother and taught that no matter what if i choose the church I would always be safe. She was right. But thats not to say i didn't have to find this out for myself. But being a mormon doesn't mean just joining another religion. its the way of the eternal life heavenly father has given us. It is the pathway back to him, and his son Jesus Christ. Throughout every trial the church has taught me that i need to be willing to submit my will to Heavenly fathers and call up the Power of Christ's atonement daily. Not just once a year but daily, hourly, minutely to, I go as far to say every second of every day we need his atonement in our lives. Does this explain why i'm a mormon, well let me tell you one thing. I'm not a mormon... I am a latter-day saint (LDS)! I'm a LDS because I CHOOSE Christ without whom nothing would be possible. I choose Christ because he restored his Gospel through a modern day prophet who sought out the truth for himself so that we all can find that same truth. I know that today there is a prophet who leads and guides the Church but also testifies of the reality of Christ. I know that were are lead today by a prophet of God of this i know and testify is true because the Truth is here again. I know that Christ is my Brother, my friend, And may Savior who died for me and all of us so we can live with our Father in heaven again. I love him so much and will continue to do his work. BECUASE ITS TRUE!

How I live my faith

I'm no longer a missionary so this ones not quit as clear as being a missionary. But i can still easily explaing it. "I'm a Mormon. I know it! I LIVE it I LOVE it!" I live it and love it. Ok mentally i live it an love it, but for a lot of people of Faith living my faith is not always desirable or even wanted. Like most of us I try to live my faith threw MY ACTIONMS just as Christ would I try to emulate him daily. but like i said its not easy. theres stress, theres the question "what if?" or the idea of " oh great now people are going to think i'm forcing my beliefs on them." I will be the first to tell you that when i was a missionary I was always always affraid of offending people because i did not want to offend anyone. So like I said, " I LIVE MY FAITH THROUGH MY ACTIONS! not my words." there is no better way than that of the Master. Was his words to the scribes and the pharasiees really what mattered when they brought the women who was caught in adultery more worth the the act of love he showed her. "He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at here." Well if that ACT of love doesnt prove that any faith should show by their actions more then by their words how I should live my faith then i dont know why we have religion. But I do KNOW why religion and is there, that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ "bad men become good, and good men become Better" LIVE IT AND LOVE IT through my ACTIONS.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Philip Root
Family there is now dening it. They are eternal in our Father great plan of happiness. They are Central to this Eternal plan. I have learned more from my Family and our studing the gospel of Jesus Christ, about the way to live the Gospel to influence all that i associate with. In simple Terms the Family is the Binding weld to the happiness and Joy of the eternities. Show more Show less