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Hi I'm Tyson

I'm a Mormon, I've always been a Mormon, I'll always be a Mormon, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

About Me

 I am a student of exercise science who enjoys spending time outdoors on bright, clear, sunny days. If I am not riding my bicycle then I am relaxing on the grass, letting the body soak up the sun. On colder days, I spend my time indoors, generally reading everything from detective novels to myths and legends from around the world. Oh yeah, I also make sure to spend some time studying the mechanics of movement and physiological responses to exercise. I am lover of many sciences, it all captivates me. I intend to work with the aging population instructing them on how to build/maintain balance, stability, strength and endurance. To live a long, enjoyable, active life. I love to help people, and try to keep an eye out for any place I can help someone else.

Why I am a Mormon

Despite having grown up being taught Mormonism all my life, I understand a little about many other forms of faith. The reason why I have remained Mormon is because its teachings allow me to come as close as I can to honor the commandment from the Savior to be perfect, even as he is. I know that God and His son, Jesus Christ, appeared to young Joseph Smith as an answer to his sincere prayer. Combined with many other revelations he received, Joseph was able to restore the truth that was lost and perverted after the death of Jesus' original apostles. Having scriptures, both ancient the Bible, Book of Mormon, and the words of Moses and Abraham and modern the Doctrine and Covenants are a source of great comfort especially when they all confirm one another and clarify confusing doctrine. Knowing that God continues to reveal His will through living prophets fills me with joy, since a truly loving God will continue to guide His children the way He always has. I will forever be a Mormon, for being a Mormon means that I am attempting to do all that my Heavenly Father wants me to do, all that my His son, my Savior Jesus Christ, sacrificed that I may be able to do, and knowing that I am not alone on this trail home. For me being a Mormon is more than what I do, it is who I am. Every choice I make in life is influenced by what I believe, whether I obey and am blessed, for disobey and am punished.

How I live my faith

 One of my favorite things to do in my branch is to teach Sunday School. Although my responsibility is over all Sunday School classes, I love every opportunity i have to express my love of the scriptures and the principles they teach to a class full of peers wanting to learn, ask questions, provide personal insight, and contribute to the righteous energy that builds in the room. Sometimes, it becomes less like a lesson and more like a discussion between friends, where everybody's thoughts are listened to and added upon. However, a perk of being the president of Sunday School is I am able to visit other classes where I learn truths of the gospel from different teachers and in different styles. Also, the responsibility of being a home-teacher is particularly rewarding. I am not a very social person, but I want to be more social than I am. Home-teaching helps me by allowing to focus on individuals, to get to know them in a more personal level. I come to genuinely care about the person and am not just fulfilling some duty. Developing bonds of true friendship that grow and eventually encircle others as well.

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

 I believe one of the most crucial blessings you can receive from reading the scriptures is knowing the right direction. Nowadays, the world pulls at you from multiple angles with multiple enticements, each one leading down a dark, twisty road that has no foreseeable end or a rather abrupt one. Reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible, using one to help you understand the other, the right direction becomes clear, like a ray of sun slicing through the packed clouds. The scriptures can provide answers for every type of problem imaginable. Truthfully, it might be difficult to apply ancient or even only a couple centuries old passages into modern day life, but the principle is the same. God knows our needs, so He gave His prophets instructions. Those instructions helped the people of that time, but when God gave the lesson, He didn't include an expiration date. When the right direction becomes clear, it is up to you to follow it, for it leads back to God. Once you are on the path, the scriptures teach you what to do to stay on that path and what to do when you stumble off, as well. This is why I love the scriptures so very much. Even science contradicts itself, but God's words never will. Show more Show less