What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Phirun

If I had only one eye and one leg, then my favorite place to eat would be IHOP. I have a sense of humor. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand after my parents escaped the war in Cambodia. We came to America a month after I was born. I'm currently residing in Philadelphia PA. I'm a people's person, who loves surprising others and making them laugh. I'm someone who is very easy to get along with and slow to anger. I'm witty. I don't like judging others, I accept people for who they are, because I would want others to accept me for the same reason. I'm currently a Graphic Design student studying in a art college in Philadelphia. I am also a private contractor in mentoring, and tutoring students in Philadelphia. I love my job. Though I don't have much time for the things that I love to do, I do love movies, making short funny films, video games, swing/salsa dancing, traveling, outdoors recreational activities, adventures, and more. I've also have a new found love for artichokes. I'm an open minded person who loves experiencing new things. Did I also mention that I'm single?

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up Buddhist, I've only seen my mother pray to God and her ancestors a couple of times, but mostly to win the lottery. I thought that all churches were the same. I joined the LDS church in my youth. I was baptized for the wrong reason, and that reason was to get rid of the missionaries. It didn't work. After going out with the missionaries a couple of times, and then getting anti about the church was when I'd realize that every church were different. That's when I figured that I had to find the truth for myself. I was desperate for an answer. I decided to go directly to God himself for an answer. Searching was not easy. I was ready to leave the church if it wasn't Christ's church. Although I wasn't certain at that point of my life whether there was a God or not, I did believe that he would answer my prayer, if he did exist. It wasn't until I'd committed to going on a mission right there and was when I got an answer. I'd never experience anything like what I'd experienced that night I got the answer. A strong peaceful, joyful, loving feeling of happiness came over me. I felt it all over. I know I wasn't crazy, and what I was felt was real and not normal. With the feeling I also got strong impressions of words that carried like a whisper deep into my heart. Not a whisper that I heard, but felt. It said "You asked if The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Well here's your answer, YES! And if that's true, then Joseph Smith was a Prophet because he translated that book by the power and inspiration of God... And this is Christ's church, and everything in it is true. Now keep your part of the promise, and go on a mission!" After the feeling left, I'd asked for a second confirmation, and felt it just as strong as the first. I know that Heavenly Father spoke to me through the Holy Ghost. I know from that time on that this is Christ's church, and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that we are all his children, and that he loves us all very much!

How I live my faith

I'm not a perfect person, but I've tried my best to always do what is right, and live the church's teaching the best that I can. I did go on a two year mission, so I better live what I'd preached when I was a missionary. I always try my best to fulfill all of my callings. I always try to fallow the Savior's example of loving and serving others through good deeds and being understandable to others.

What is the Relief Society?

Its the oldest women organization that is a sisterhood, who are often very caring and loving to others. They often serve others and often help us guys out with things. They keep us in order. I guess they give us relief, that's why they are called the Relief Society. But most important is they look out for one another, they aid those who with love ones who had passed away. They do a lot. The list can go on for ever. They are amazing! Show more Show less