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Hi I'm Amy DeMordaunt

Family is everything to me. In 20+ years we have lived in a dozen different places. We move. We adapt. We smile. We thrive.

About Me

I was born in San Diego, California then grew up in Sugar City, Idaho, a nice rural Mormon farming town. I came from a wonderful family, the oldest of 7 children. I loved sports, competed in high school athletics, then ran track at Ricks College and BYU. I became a registered nurse and a mom. I have continued learning through formal education and from life. I am happily married to the greatest guy- Wade! He was an optometrist in the U.S. Air Force for 9 years. Being a military family helped us to appreciate different people, places and food, and gave our 4 amazing kids the chance to develop the ability to adapt to huge change on a regular basis. We have 3 kids with Asperger's who are the most interesting people! They are unique, bright, and talented kids. There are ongoing struggles with friends, school, and work. The best thing is the enthusiasm the kids all have for the things they love. That's the fun part! Our family likes reading, hiking, biking and and I used to try to blog. The family blog was especially nice when my husband was overseas and he could keep up with the latest photos and events at home. It also helped us keep in touch with family and friends far away. We have lived in amazing places where we like to explore the outdoors. Our favorite books are youth fiction and fantasy. Now we are out of the Air Force and after a few years working in Arizona, we returned to Idaho where we grew up, but our children didn't. Life is good. I love being a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

Family. I love my family and believe that we can and will be together forever. The gospel of Jesus Christ gives me hope in things beyond this life. My husband and I strive together to build a strong marriage and family, even when half a world apart. Faith. I have faith that God lives, loves me and you, and that there is meaning in everything. Each of our lives matter to God, and I believe he watches over even the smallest details of our lives. I love my parents, in-laws and all my extended family so much, and pray for their happiness and success. Obedience. I feel that through obeying the commandments, my life and my family are blessed. By serving and helping others as the Lord directs, I feel His love in my heart. There is nothing wrong with working towards perfection. I have a long way to go, but I feel it is what my Savior would want me to do. Hope. I have hope that through the suffering of my Savior and through the gift and grace of the Atonement that the heartaches and sorrows, even the troubles and the weaknesses in my life can be taken away. I feel that the Lord hears our prayers and answers in His time. I know Joseph Smith restored the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I pray for strength to live a life of goodness and to be a blessing to my family. Having the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life gives me and my family stability that we really need. I love the Lord!

How I live my faith

My most focused goal in living my faith is loving and teaching as a mother. Children learn in families of faith, hope, and love. Of all things we can teach them, to love and follow the Lord is the most essential to eternal happiness. I love my family and hope they feel the spirit of the Lord in our home. I want to be a good example to them every day. Living by faith, they are examples to me. One assignment I always have is to go with a partner to visit with women in our congregation and have a gospel discussion once a month (visiting teaching). I love the women at different ages and stages of life that I have come to know and love in the past 25 years of being a woman in the church. We share messages of love and hope. It is a wonderful thing to have another sister to get to know and lovely women to visit with. One time I was assigned to visit a gal who was active duty Air Force, and from the address I was given, could just not find her on the base. So I wrote to her--several times before hearing any reply. Her letter came from Iraq and I learned that the address was her mailing address while she was deployed. She was so grateful for contact from the church while she was so far away, and I am so glad that I finally tried sending a letter to that un-findable address! It is also nice to have the local Mormon missionaries over to eat and occasionally go to lessons or on visits with them. They often encourage our family to have missionary moments and goals. Our oldest son returned the summer of 2014 from serving a mission in Utah and our 20-year old son is serving in Seoul, South Korea. We are happy for them to have the chance to share the gospel as a full time missionaries as they so wanted to do! I try to be an example of happiness, helpfulness, generosity and enthusiasm at work, at home, volunteering at school, or wherever I interact with others. I am glad to be a Mormon.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

Amy DeMordaunt
We all make mistakes. We are saved from our sins through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We all will die. We are saved from death through the Resurrection of Christ. We live in a world of darkness. We are saved from this darkness through the light and life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We all must be born again by water and of the spirit and follow the example of our Savior, Jesus Christ in being baptized. Then we must endure to the end, and we will be saved. We need a Savior with the power of God to lift us up and save us from ourselves and our mistakes, darkness, and death. Show more Show less