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Hi I'm Jamie

I'm a husband, a father of 4, a commercial banker, and I'm Mormon.

About Me

Days start early at our home with 4 beautiful children ranging in age from 8 all the way down to 18 months. Work life is busy in the commercial real estate and banking world these days. I do my best to mix in any type of sports game whether it's coaching baseball, soccer, or watching players compete at their highest level. Mix in my volunteer efforts with some non profits like Rotary Int'l, a dental group helping underpriveldeged youth gain access to free dental care, and a board member of the local youth baseball club. Life is busy and full of adventure!

Why I am a Mormon

The decision to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints hasn't always been an easy one. While I had the great blessing of growing up in a strong Christian based home where values of hard work, church attendance, and studying the scriptures were common place, there came a time when I had to find out on my own which path I would follow. Growing up I was a 3 sport athlete competing in Baseball, Football, and Basketball at all levels from tee ball and pee wee footbal to our local high school. Many times this meant that I was hanging around with guys who more often than not didn't have the same values as I did and I was ALWAYS the only Mormon guy on the team. This was a great blessing in my life as I had to choose not to drink alcohol and not to smoke at a very early age. Many of my teammates made decisions based on lots of things other than what their core values were. It was my great privildege to compete at the next level in division 1 NCAA sports at the University level in Baseball. Once again my values and core beliefs were constantly tested and I was asked many questions from players, to coaches, to boosters, and alumni why I was Mormon. I built faith around what I knew, that living a clean life by obstaining from drugs and alcohol, living a chaste life, and studying the life and ministry of Jesus Christ wsa the path for me. On sports teams, I was in a community where I was the only Mormon and while this was challenging it was also a great opportunity to show others my love for Jesus Christ. The continual pressure and refining of my faith has galvanized my love for my Saviour and Redeemer. My faith accelerated as I read the Bible and the Book of Mormon together, compared the doctrines, and tested them in real life. The result was the life I wanted and the Perfect Role Model and that is my hero and exemplar Jesus.

How I live my faith

Living the faith is just that, it is making every decision based on what I think Christ would want me to do. Living the faith as a father, a spouse, a believer, and a son of God all mean different things at different times but it means that I have the blessing of having God influence my life for good as I make critical decisions. Our faith is not a one time event when I was 'saved'. Choosing to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a lifestyle, a daily choice, and a struggle to attempt to do why I think Christ would want me to do. I find the strength to do this by reading my scriptures, both the Old and New testament with the Book of Mormon to better understand the teachings of our Lord. Living the faith with my kids is probably the most fun for me as a father. Each Monday night our family gathers together and we sing songs, each junk food, and have a spiritual conversation about who Jesus is and why he matters in their life. We play scripture games, 'trash-ketball' where the kids have to guess the propeht or bible story and win "fabulous prizes" like imitation oreo's. We play the board game "LIFE" and include all the key decisions they will need to make in their lives as they grow up. We start each day with the scriptures and prayer with the faith that God does hear and answer simple prayers to be able to come home to each other every day. Living the gospel is easy and rewarding once you COMMITT to doing! God will direct your path just like he does mine if you ask.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Reading the new Testament, it is easy to see that Jesus set up his church while he was on the earth. He called 12 Apostles to serve with him to teach basic principles to followers which he called dischiples. In addition to the apostles, he gave them the authority to act in his name after his crucifixtion and resurrection. Jesus was murdered by conspiring men, the apostles one by one were also either killed, persecuted, and died off. One by one, reformers began protesting the church of the time, suggesting that the original ordinances or performances had been changed over the years, like baptism, healing of the sick, the use of the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost, the nature of god, the Trinity, and other basic doctines which were impossible to reach any conclusion using only the bible. The original New testament church was gone and all that remained were the terms and the record but no one to interpret God's commandments to the people, in essence, there were no prophets or apostles. Joseph was called by God to be the first prophet of these, the latter days, in an effort to RESTORE or bring back what was once here on the earth but due to wicked men and unbelief was taken from the earth. I am blessed to have this knowledge and witness that it is true, God has spoken once again to man, we are a blessed generation to have a living mouth piece here on the earth to know the will of God for our families so that we can prepare to meet our maker one day. Show more Show less