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Hi I'm Ariel

I am a hard worker and love to face a challenge. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to write. One of my three brothers says that I am a story teller. I guess I have been since I was a kid. I love books. I also love working with my hands. My father taught me how to work with tools, and put stuff together with the most basic of things. My parents are both from Mexico, and I was born in California. I am a contractor by trade. I run my own business. Most people may identify me by my long hair.

Why I am a Mormon

I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God who restored the Lord's church in these days. I gained my testimony by taking the challenge to read the Book of Mormon to see if it was true. I was intrigued by how some of the young single adults had lived their lives. I took it upon myself to see if what they said about the Book of Mormon being a work from God. I didn't really believe that God had a hand in the book, but I felt that if so many people around the world had some experience that led them to think that this book was from God, then I would be faulty for not reading it. I expected to find that it was a good book of morals and values, but I would go on wondering if there really was a single way that God wanted us to live our lives. I began reading the book and wasn't sure how such things as angelic visitations and God and Jesus Christ appearing to a boy could possibly be anything but fairy tale. But I didn't stop there. I still took the challenge to pray to God to know if this book were true or not. After several days I had the most amazing revelation. I know that it was by the still, small voice, called the Holy Ghost, that I received my testimony that God does live. He has a plan for us. He has called prophets in these days to lead and guide us through these difficult times. The heavens are not closed. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. The Book of Mormon is true.

How I live my faith

I am serving now in the young men's program. Here I am able to help the young men aged 16-18 learn to fulfill their duty to God. Each Sunday I meet with a group of great youth who have such diverse talents and personalities. They love mountain biking, playing football at the local high school, eating cold stone ice cream, working on cars, playing musical instruments, volunteering their time in the community, and just being teenagers. We study the principles we learn from the scriptures (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price). I get to teach them every four weeks and help them with their service projects. Many of them are eagle scouts or are working on them. One of these young men and I visit a couple of families in our area and check on how they are doing. This is what we in the church call 'home teaching'. I also live my faith by volunteering at the local food bank, and other service opportunities.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

I didn't understand the Atonement until I was baptized into the Mormon church. I had heard that Jesus Christ died for my sins since I was a kid, but that was such a big thing to try to swallow. I guess when I thought about that concept I felt guilty. When I learned that the Book of Mormon was what it claimed to be, I was at once thrilled and dejected. I felt that I had truly found God and Jesus Christ, but I looked at my life and felt that I had made alot of mistakes. I read in the scriptures that once I repented of my faults, and was baptized, that Jesus Christ and God would not remember my sins anymore. It kept talking about how clean I would be. That even though my sins were like scarlet, that I would be white like a dove. That, of course, is a paraphrase of a story in the New Testament. Well, even though I had felt Jesus Christ's love for me (as I accepted and tried hard to make my life in harmony with his teachings) I still felt some real guilt about the 'dumb' things that I had done in life. After repenting sorely I honestly felt that I had been cleaned of the mistakes of my past. I wanted to cry thinking about all that Jesus Christ had done for me. I knew that the Atonement was real at that moment. Show more Show less