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Hi I'm Michael

I'm a Latter-Day SAINT. Mormon

About Me

Im 22,married to a beautiful QUEEN and have two wonderful children Michael Jacob and Sariah. I love Reading, Sports, many active pursuits and spending time with loved ones especially and FAMILY, specifically. Im very reflective and think deeply often. I try and have an optimistic view of life, yet i try and lift those who i feel need lifting, thats everyone! I LOVE to hug people and enable them to receive the love i have for them as my brothers and sisters-as sons and daughters of god. I was born in Colombia and raised in Miami, Florida. My life is one dedicated to Learning and Service, to helping others and helping them help themselves. I live and have grown up in South Florida, where life is often lived fast and can leave little things unnoticed. The gospel of Jesus Christ helps me to slow down and tune in to his channel of communication, Peace. Thank you for reading this and please look up my facebook page. (sorry for the advertising, but it helps us know more of each other) I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

Why I am a Mormon

Simple Question. Complicated Answer.....Haha Well Really Im A Member Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints Because Of My Mother. She Was Baptized And Converted In Our Home Country Of Colombia. And Me Being The Second Of Four Children, Was Born Into The Covenant. Although I May Be A First Generation Mormon, I Am Also A Convert. One Can Truly Say As With Many Things, You May See And Hear But Not Truly Understand. Conversion Is A Process. And As With Any Process There Are Landmarks And Trials. I Have Received Such And Grown In Faith, Diligence, And Spirituality Because Of Such. Im Not Perfect. However I Realize The Importance Of People. Everyone. Good, Bad, In Between. I Feel Like We're All Important. And I Feel That This Holy Establishment We Call A Church Is The Only Church On The Face Of This Wonderful Planet That Provides The Means For Exaltation And Greater Knowledge, The Knowledge That Saves. Im A Mormon Because This Church Is True. Not The "Best" Or " Better Than Yours" But ....True.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through example.

In whom should we have faith?

We As People All Build And Establish A Faith In Something. Faith In A Practical Sense Is What Drives Us Daily. Its What Lets Us Do Whatever We Do. We Wouldn't Work, Teach, Or Live Unless We Didnt Feel There Was A Purpose Or Reason For It. I Strongly Believe That We Should Have Faith In Things That Bring Us Happiness. Things That Fill Our Hearts With Joy, Understanding, And Feelings Of Security. I Am A Strong Advocate Or Witness That We Should All Respect Any And Everyones Beliefs Or Opinions. Im Not Here To Change Anyone. Nor Am I Here To Admonish Or Judge. However, I Do Feel A Strong Urgency To Let Anyone Reading This To Come To A Better Knowledge Of Themselves. We Cant Go Anywhere Without A Better Sense Of Self. We Cant Truly Uncover That Potential That Lies Within Each Of Us If We Dont Know Who And What We Are. It Is My Solemn Testimony That We Each Are Sons And Daughters Of An Eternally Compassionate God. You, Yes You!! Are Loved And Brought Forth To A World With Changing Values And Tumultuous Times. But With This Knowledge That You Have A Father On High That Knows Us Personally.. We Can Be And Become Something More. Something Strong. Something Refined. "For What We Love Determines What We Seek, What We Seek Determines What We Think And Do, And What We Think And Do Determines Who We Are, And Who We Shall Become" We Should Have Faith In Our Heavenly Father, And His Beloved Son Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

As I Have Told Many Poeple And Will Echo On This Question Asked, I Believe Faith In Jesus Christ Is Important. Anyone That Can Say They've Known Me Know Im Not The Best Looking, Smartest Or Most Financially Stable Person, To Say The Least. But I Believe I Have Acquired Something That Is Important And That Is Faith In Our Savior Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

What is faith?

In Hebrews 11:1 We Learn That: "Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hoped For, The Evidence Of Things Not Seen" So From This Passage We Can See That Faith Is Preceded By Hope. We Hope In Things So We Then Create Faith. Its Something Universal. We Could Think Back On The Time We Could First Recollect Our Thoughts And If It Were Not For Faith Would We Have Done Anything. Would We Plant If We Didnt Know We Would Harvest? Would We Train If We Didnt Want To Be Put In The Game? Would We Walk If We Werent Heading Anywhere? I Believe That We As People Have An Inate And Built In Faith That Lets Us Distinguish Right From Wrong And Lets Us Decipher What Can Be Benefit And Not. I Like To Think Of Faith As A Building Principle For Our Salvation. Is Is Something Critical For Us To Not Only Develop But To Also Build Others Through Our Own. We As Latter Day Know That Faith Is A Key Principle In Knowing And Coming Unto Jesus Christ. "We Believe That The First Principles And Ordinances Of The Gospel Are: First, Faith In The Lord Jesus Christ Second, Repentance Third, Baptism By Immersion For The Remission Of Sins Fourth, Laying On Of Hands For The Gift Of The Holy Ghost." Faith Is Something That Helps Us. It Warns Us. And Also Counsels Us. We Can Know If Something Is True By It And From It. It Is Of The Utmost Importance For Us To Seek Out The Things That Will Build Our Faith. Show more Show less