Dustin: husband, father, teacher, Mormon.

Hi I'm Dustin

About Me

I am a husband and father. I teach as a profession, and I hope to be a graduate student soon. I love fixing things, science fiction, making robots, and playing board games.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, but as I grew older I had to decide for myself if I really believed it all. I have felt my Savior's love and comfort in times of need, and I am thankful for the blessing that the gospel has given.

Personal Stories

What are you doing to help strengthen your family and make it successful?

A strong family requires both spiritual and temporal well being. Regular attendance and service in the church along with the worthy exercise of priesthood leadership in the home keeps the proper perspective on the eternal nature of our family. Earning a steady income while balancing time at work and time at home insures that my family's every day temporal needs are met.

How I live my faith

I have served in the church in various capacities. Currently I am a financial clerk. I have assisted in the nursery on Sunday's and am a Webelos den leader in the cub scouts program. Previously, I served in the Elder's Quorum during a devastating hurricane and gave many hours of recovery service to help the community clean up. Most importantly though, I five my faith by trying to be a great husband and father.