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Hi I'm Penny

I'm 50 and being middle aged I feel I'm at a fabulous stage of life --- learning so much more than I ever dreamed I would.

About Me

Age is just a number. Some may feel that 50 is half way to dead. I say it's 50 years of learning and growing. I am loving this stage of life. My children are grown and I am finding this time to be so wonderful. After 29 years of child-rearing it's now my time, once again. I feel like I've been rebirthed, so to speak. Years of experiences - joyful and sorrowful have added to who I have become and I am taking those lessons to heart. I am not sad because "motherhood is over" but rather filled with joy for this next stage of life. I love all types of music and I love to dance. I have found that music and dance are my grounding experiences. Enrolling in dance/exercise classes at a gym has touched my life so much! Dancing/exercise are great stress reducers for me. And music? I enjoy a wide variety of genres. From soft rock to clubdance and barbershop to indie. Throw in some Christian hip hop and Big Band Sounds -- I'm one happy girl. I didn't have the "typical" Mormon family growing up and I still don't as a wife/mother. What is "typical" anyway? A pioneer? This cultural idea of "typical Mormon" is SO old school. I love our diversity as we grow even more into a world wide church. I love that the Gospel is our common thread and then..... we all have such differences. I love people and I love their stories. We all have something to learn from others and something to share with others. I believe in being aware that are both student and teacher every day. Our Actions Speak!

Why I am a Mormon

As a teenager, I struggled to weave the perfect "mormon tapestry" and had a few years of experiences that taught me that all those "rules" were actually loving guidance and protection for me. I learned that those safeguards also known as standards and values are not unique to Mormons. Most of them are just common sense and civility. I have learned, no one is perfect! Such a misnomer that so many people subscribe to. Being Mormon (Believing in this restored gospel) makes so much sense to me. Why would such a loving God withdraw himself from our current lives? He has always spoken to his people - through out history and did not stop with the death of his Son, Jesus Christ. To me, that does not even make any sense that our Heavenly Father would leave us to just flounder OR that he would be the author of much confusion in establishing so many different "churches". I truly believe that the sum of our lives will be how we treated other people and what we did with the gifts/talents we came to this earth with. I believe that by following the example of Jesus Christ we can touch the lives of those around us in ways we may not even be aware of. If I awoke tomorrow and found out that this Restored Gospel was not true I would not have one regret for how I lived my life. I have been taught so many valuable things by being a part of a church that is so deep into service. A complete lay ministry is who we are. Being taught to be a good citizen, having humility and charity, being honest and hard working, serving others, being mindful of my physical body (not only obstaining from harmful substances but also eating right and exercising), tolerance, unconditional love, keeping my mind and heart clean by carefully selecting the media that I take in, being morally clean, and most of all, faith in a loving Heavenly Father who knows me personally are just a few of the things that being a Mormon has reinforced in my life.

How I live my faith

My day has to begin with a prayer. I just know that if I start out inviting my Heavenly Father to be by my side I think of Him through out the day. I pray for inspiration, protection, my family's well being and that I can do His will. I end the day with a prayer of gratitude for the lessons learned, paths that crossed and teaching moments that I was able to experience. I find that studying the Lord's word in the Scriptures and also studying modern revelation from our Latter-Day Prophets helps me to stay focused on living an honorable life. Yes, modern revelation -- we have it. Our Heavenly Father loves us just as he did the people in ancient times and still shares his word with us today. I take peace in knowing that God loves us equally and continues to guide us with his word. As many Mormon's I "serve" (volunteer) in my congregation. I've been involvled with the Cub Scouting program that is widely used by our church, serving as a den leader, cub master, unit commission and on the committee. The Scouting program really goes hand in hand with so much of our beliefs about education and service as Mormons. I have also served as a Sunday school teacher, Primary teacher, and a leader/teacher in our Youth Organization- ages 12-18 (Young Women/Young Mens). Everyone gets a chance to do something! With lesson manuals, online resources and other leaders to support - the blessings that come through service are so rewarding. You don't 'have to be a professional; just have a willing heart. So how do I live as a Mormon on every other day besides Sunday? I strive each day to be a good neighbor, to care for my family and home, to respect our community, to serve (volunteer) where I can. I smile, I say hello to people, I am courteous and respectful. I try to put myself in the other person's shoes. I try to leave people better than I found them - any many times, I find myself equally touched by those interactions with yes, even complete strangers.